imgLos Angeles, CA (December 10, 2013)—Film and TV scoring composer John Jennings Boyd has installed Focusrite’s Dante-based RedNet audio transport infrastructure in his Hollywood, CA studio.

Boyd is using a RedNet 1 A/D-D/A audio networking-capable interface to connect two computers, each running a RedNet PCIe card. Each PCIe card delivers up to 128 channels at 3ms roundtrip latency. Now, via a few standard Ethernet cables all connected together by a network switch, Boyd can sequence live music on Cubase from one of the computers and stream that audio directly to the second computer, which is running Pro Tools, over the network with virtually zero latency.

“This future-proofs my workflow,” says Boyd, whose music can be heard in blockbusters like Smurfs, Smurfs 2 and Four Christmases, as well as on the small screen in HBO's How to Make It In America, Discovery's Life, CBS's 48 Hours and dozens of shows across most major cable networks. “I’ll be able to scale this signal path to any extent I need to, in any facility.

By allowing high resolution audio on a basic Pro Tools 11 platform, Boyd isn’t required to upgrade to an HD3 system. “The quality of the sound is very close to what you’d experience from an HD rig at a fraction of the cost, and I can run video right from a Pro Tools session,” he says. “This is the acid test for film scoring workflow these days, and RedNet comes through with flying colors.”