imgHebden Bridge, UK (July 11, 2014)—Ukraine media company 1+1 Media Group has installed Calrec digital audio consoles in two of its HD outside broadcast (OB) vans. The installations are part of an upgrade to meet Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) technical requirements for 5.1 sound production and Dolby E encoding.

"The Calrec consoles give us a reliable way to handle two live feeds of 5.1 sound at once, which is not only a UEFA requirement but something we simply couldn't do with our other consoles," said Aleksey Marko, head of procurement for 1+1 Media Group. "Previously, we had to use two OB vans in order to meet the requirement, but now we can accomplish the same thing with a single console in a single van, which saves money and leaves the second van free to cover other events. We get this significant capability from small-footprint consoles that fit neatly into the limited space inside the vans."

One of 1+1 Media's OB vans houses an Artemis Light console equipped with 40 multilayer faders, along with Calrec's Bluefin2 high-density signal processing technology and Hydra2 plug-and-play audio routing capability. A similar Artemis Light console in the second OB van has 48 faders. The vans cover football, basketball, boxing, and both live and recorded entertainment shows. Each console can produce two programs of digital 5.1 sound that are ready for UEFA-mandated Dolby E encoding.

Both sales were completed in partnership with Calrec's Ukraine distributor, Engineer Service, a company that also owns two Calrec consoles installed in its OB vans available for hire.