imgWatertown, MA (July 8, 2014)—Boston area religious broadcaster The CatholicTV Network has gone on-air with the first Fairlight EVO.Live digital audio mixing console.

Based on Fairlight’s Crystal Core technology, EVO.Live offers integrated HD video and multitrack audio recording. Fairlight’s first console designed specifically for broadcast studio and live production applications, it can be reconfigured to operate as a post-production system.

EVO.Live can be used in a dual-operator configuration with each engineer having independent fader sets. The CatholicTV’s system is a true split configuration with a main control surface located in the audio production suite, and a second, smaller surface positioned in the video control room. Both surfaces access the same I/O and EVO.Live FPGA core processor but operate independently of each other. Either surface can control the audio going to air while the other is being used for a rehearsal or getting set for the next production.

Assistant chief engineer Steve Sasso, noted, “The design of this desk is really well thought out. When I'm in front of it, it's ‘in my face.’ That's what I like, not to have to search for controls, especially in a live situation. And, I can still record all my tracks for use in post later on.”

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