imgLondon, UK (March 4, 2013)—Independent Television News (ITN) relies on an SSL C10 HD compact broadcast console to deliver content to UK broadcaster Channel 5. The desk has been situated in a custom-designed studio located at the Channel 5 facility on Lower Thames Street in London.

The new facility was put together at the request of Channel 5 management to have the news production studio built in the station's facility on Lower Thames Street, rather than at the ITN facility on Grays Inn Road, London. The C10 is used to produce full half-hour news shows and regular two-minute bulletins.

"We were looking for a compact-sized solution that was expandable," says Steve Luck, senior team leader of broadcast support for ITN. "Looking at the architecture of the C10 and the way the I/O was configured, the C10 was the perfect choice for this application."

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