(l-r) John Devenish, host, Dinner Jazz,
and Murray Johnson
Toronto, ON, Canada (April 18, 2013)—Canada's only jazz broadcaster and charitable arts organization, JAZZ.FM91, recently took delivery of four radio consoles and a routing system from Lawo.

Murray Johnson is JAZZ.FM91's Technical Manager and is responsible for overseeing all installation and maintenance of the production facilities, transmission distribution, and other aspects of the station's operations. With a role in the selection, installation, and commissioning of all equipment to be deployed as part of the facility upgrade, Johnson was a big part of the four Lawo crystal consoles and the Nova 17 router that will assume key roles at JAZZ.FM91.

"As technology advances, it is periodically necessary to upgrade hardware that has become dated," he said. "Being that we are a charitable arts organization, it is imperative we invest in equipment that not only provides the capability we require, but that also delivers exceptional value. I believe our new Lawo equipment does just that. The four crystal consoles, which range in size from eight faders to 12 faders, and our new Nova 17 router, have a wealth of features that will enable us to provide exceptional programming to our listeners while ensuring state-of-the-art functionality for our staff and guests."

Johnson adds, "The cores for each of the consoles will be tied together via the Nova 17. With the configurability of the crystal consoles and the Nova 17, we can set up functions that, with the press of a single button, execute a variety of actions-all while appearing seamless to the operator. It's an incredibly efficient way of working."