imgNew York, NY (July 30, 2014)—The Lena Live Radio Hour, hosted by Professor Lena Miremonde on BBS Internet Radio, relies on DPA Microphones’ d:dicate recording microphones with MMP-A preamp to deliver its multi-faceted programming.

When the program’s producer, Julian Lampert, went searching for a microphone solution for Lena Live, he felt DPA’s selection of recording mics could be integrated into the station. Using one d:dicate preamp, Lampert can choose between the 2006 omni capsule, to record commercial and performance music, and the 2011 cardioid capsule, to record interviews with guests who join the program to share the latest in science, medicine, the arts, politics, psychology and economics.

“The modular capability of the d:dicate recording microphones is exactly the reason we chose DPA,” shares Lampert. “What worked extremely well was that the range increased our efficiency dramatically and we’ve had really fantastic results all around.”

In addition to using DPA for radio, Lampert always uses the company’s mics for his main role as a professional composer. He additionally relies on DPA mics to record his performances and stage work for commercial music and acoustic instruments.

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