Santa Monica, CA (January 26, 2017)—Delta H Design, Inc. recently outfitted Alan Meyerson’s studio at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control facility in Santa Monica, CA with a number of ZR Acoustics Quantum Devices. Meyerson has worked on hundreds of films including The Dark Knight, Captain America, Gladiator, Interstellar and Pirates of the Caribbean.

While already pleased with his studio, Meyerson initially wanted to make a few basic acoustic improvements. Upon hearing a ZR Acoustics demo in his facility, he opted to have installed a pair of SR8+.

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The SR8+ units quantize the first reflections behind both the Left and Right monitors. SR8+’s are ZR Hybrid Technology with Extreme Acoustic Resolution values of over 450 NPS/sq.ft. (Non-Parallel Surfaces).

“I expected ZR to make a noticeable difference, but I really didn’t expect such a dramatic improvement. I thought it would be about 20 percent better, but it’s more like 87 percent better,” said Meyerson. “The low end got tighter and clearer while the overall imaging grew larger; it kept the life in the sound and the inspiration in the music rather than just deadening the sound.”

Phase Two of Meyerson’s acoustic renovation will strategically place additional ZR devices in critical areas in an effort to further enhance imaging, dimensionality and sweet spot diameter.