Rastatt, Germany (November 13, 2017)—DFL subsidiary Sportcast, which produces Germany’s Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 soccer matches, has launched a new audio production system that combines technology from Lawo and ChyronHego.

In the system, live tracking data on the players is used to set the correct input levels for the microphones used to record the action on the field. ChyronHego, which is responsible for generating the official Bundesliga match data, provides the necessary tracking data for the automated system. Lawo’s KICK software operates as the interface between the tracking data received and the digital mixing consoles used.

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The Lawo KICK software uses tracking data of the type that is now standard practice in professional football and has previously been mainly used for match statistics and graphic analyses. Camera-based technology generates real-time data in the stadium allowing the exact position of the 22 players, referees and the ball to be tracked. Using the existing microphones, their positions on the edge of the field and their directional characteristics, the system determines which microphone can best capture what is happening on the field at any given time and automatically sends the necessary commands to the mixing console. The sound engineer sitting in the broadcast van can use the automated mixing of the field microphones in the overall mix and thus has more leeway for enhancing the aesthetics of the broadcast sound during the match.

According to Tim Achberger, head of innovation and technology management at Sportcast GmbH, “The new audio production system supplies consistent results of a uniformly high quality, giving viewers an entirely new sound experience.”

The quality of the official match data required for the technology is monitored by Sportcast subsidiary Sportec Solutions, which was established in 2016 with the purpose of offering innovative sports technology data and solutions related to Bundesliga.