imgNashville, TN (July 29, 2013)—TNDV: Television recently rolled out its Vibration truck, which is equipped with a 256-channel Harman Studer Vista 9 digital mixing console and specifically designed to meet the needs of audio-intensive TV productions.

"The audio input counts for TV shows keep getting higher and higher, and it got to the point where we decided to build a truck designed primarily around audio mixing," said Nic Dugger, president of TNDV: Television. "We're doing more and more shows where the input count can reach 100 or even more, so we decided to take that number and double it when we started looking for a console for the truck!"

In addition to TV, the Vibration truck is used for music festivals, concerts, awards shows, corporate and other events.

TNDV: Television purchased a Studer Vista 9 console and four Studer Stagebox input/output expansion modules, providing a total of 256 input channels. The Vista 9 feeds the truck's JBL LSR4300 Series studio monitors and a recording setup comprising two 128-channel Pro Tools-equipped computer towers.

Vibration is a 53-foot 18-wheeler that is divided into three areas: the mixing room, a client lounge complete with guitars, air conditioning and comfortable couches, and a "machine room" where outboard gear, A/V infrastructure and "anything that has fans and makes noise" is located.

"We want a comfortable mixing environment without distractions," Dugger noted, an important consideration for someone who does gigs for days at a time in 90-plus-degree heat. "We built Vibration to feel like and function like a recording studio on wheels."

"If any audio engineer came up with a wish list of what they wanted in a console, I doubt he or she could find anything on the list that the Vista 9 doesn't provide," Dugger concluded. "We certainly haven't!"