imgShanghai, China (February 26, 2013)—TSL Professional Products Ltd. (PPL) has delivered five Touchmix Combo Systems to Shanghai Media Group (SMG) for use as main audio console backup solutions.

SMG operates 14 television channels and 11 radio stations serving the Shanghai megalopolis, bringing programming, sports and news to an audience of 1.6 billion. The dual Touchmix Combo systems will be installed in five television production studios as backup solutions for each studio's main audio consoles.

"The solution that SMG were looking for represented a significant engineering challenge for us, but one that enabled us to deliver very positive results," explains Martin Dyster, head of audio for TSL PPL. "SMG wanted to combine the standard rack-mount Touchmix unit and the desktop Touchmix Pilot remote into a system where, in the event that they lost the main audio console, its sound operator could keep the show live via the simple Pilot system with the tech manager providing configuration support via the rackmount unit if required. Our R&D team paired the units in a master/slave configuration and wrote new code to satisfy SMG's requirement, resulting in an entirely viable solution that is relevant to many other applications/environments. In time honored fashion mimicking the evolution of many TSL audio monitoring products, the Touchmix Combo was born from a customer's vision."

SMG will use the Touchmix combo systems as a safety net for its 24-hour news operations. Each of its production studios is outfitted with a digital audio console, with an associated audio engineer. The rack-mount Touchmix's are located in the production room, where the technical manager can make configuration changes, freeing the audio engineer to use the desktop Touchmix Pilot to send the audio to air in the event of a main console crash.

In the event that the primary audio console fails for some reason, the parallel configured Touchmix combo systems can take over the audio tasks for the program in production within seconds.

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