imgNew York, NY (August 30, 2013)-Ariel Borujow, chief engineer at New York City's Stadiumred studios, is currently finishing up projects with Modern Machines, Charlie Red and Low Country Kingdom using the Metric Halo Production Bundle.

All three projects benefited from Borujow's newfound access to HaloVerb, which he used HaloVerb for Modern Machines' synths, Charlie Red's guitars and drums, and Low Country Kingdom's vocals. "I'm a huge fan of the 'Sizzly Plate' preset," he said. "I find that as I get older, I use reverb as much as I used to, but I want to hear it at the front of the mix less and less. It's more effective as a subconscious thing-an element that puts instruments in a common space. I don't want to hear it, I want to feel it."

Borujow recently mixed "We Are the Night," a single by Modern Machines, a pair of New York City producers making engaging and danceable electronic dance music. "They come from an engineering background, so the tracks sounded good coming in," he said. "Nevertheless, they gave it some grit on purpose, and the challenge was to keep that feel while making sure the music would still translate effectively at a dance club."

Borujow, a longtime user of Metric Halo's ChannelStrip 2, is pleased that ChannelStrip 3 retains the same "out-of-the-box sound" while adding features that make it even more functional and flexible. "The size is great and the interface is even more intuitive, but the most exciting improvement is the incorporation of a spectrum analyzer," he said. "It's a big deal and it's on almost all of the Production Bundle plug-ins."

For the kick drum, he used ChannelStrip 3 to dial in the right timbre and dynamics and then used TransientControl to punch it up. "I've used other manufacturers' transient plug-ins," Borujow said, "but Metric Halo has given TransientControl something that is noticeably better, but in a subtle and interesting way. There's no doubt that it really improves the dynamics without over-processing them."

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