imgHollywood, CA (August 26, 2013)—EastWest and Solid State Logic have teamed up to present the SSL/EW FX Suite, a collection of professional audio processing tools to use with the EastWest Play 4 software.

The foundations of the SSL collection are adaptations of two SSL console classics. The EQ & Dynamics Channel plug-in provides an EQ & Dynamics processing solution with all the elements of an SSL console channel strip.

The EastWest Reverb, an expansion of the Reverb in the Player view, is also included. It adds some features that are not part of the Player Reverb, as well as many additional reverbs, including a high-pass and low pass filter set, with 2 handles on the graph for modifying the filters visually; a mono button; 726 additional reverb presets that are not available on the Player page Reverb and a selection of 'true stereo' reverbs that are added only when this FX package is installed.

With the SSL/EW FX Suite, users can save their custom instruments in the Browser menu for recall at any time, with the added convenience of being able to change any parameter in real time.


Solid State Logic