imgNew York, NY (August 9, 2013)—IK Multimedia has announced the latest update of its T-Racks plug-in (version 4.2) for Mac and PC.

The plug-in adds the Precision Compressor/Limiter to its selection, based on the classic 1970s solid-state compressor/limiter unit. The Precision model imparts a warm "fat and thick" sonic character, but reportedly isn't overly aggressive.

The Precision Compressor/Limiter features two main sections, the Compressor and the Limiter. The Compressor section has a fixed attack time (which is influenced in part by the selected ratio) and the release time can be selected from six values, two of which are automatic and dependent upon the audio material. The Limiter features a switchable slow/fast attack setting, a fixed ratio and adjustable recovery time.

IK Multimedia