Nashville, TN (August 23, 2016)—Grammy Award-winning producer, songwriter, guitarist and engineer Buddy Miller recently upgraded to ATC SCM45A monitors after three years with a pair of ATC SCM25As.

“Every link in the recording chain is important and it all adds up incrementally to the finished work,” Miller said. “But the monitors are the final link and the only window into what’s going on with all the other links. So I’ve long felt that the monitors have to be as good as they can possibly be. But at the same time, a lot of monitors are hard to listen to all day long.”

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Miller, who has worked with Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin and Robert Plant, spends some of his days working out of his home studio with his wife, singer-songwriter Julie Miller. She had long complained that the studio monitors they used sounded unpleasant—until Miller found the ATCs.

“Julie is especially sensitive to the unpleasantness of most monitors,” he said. “There were many times when we quit working because she just couldn’t take it anymore.” Consequently, Miller spent over 25 years moving from one monitoring system to the next, trying to find something that was accurate enough to ensure consistent translation and yet truly pleasurable to listen to.

“When I heard the ATCs, I thought, whoa; this has everything,” he said. “The ATCs are so incredibly detailed in the midrange. I can hear all of the reverb tails and delays—really everything that’s going on in a recording. The imaging is stunning. As a result, my recordings translate on any other system. They’re totally solid. And best of all, Julie loves to listen to them, so we get more work done and we get it done more enjoyably.”

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