imgCambridge, UK (May 17, 2013)—Prism Sound has released two new versions of its Sadie 6 software: Sadie 6 Professional and Sadie 6 Lite.

Aiming to broaden the audio production and recording software's base, Sadie 6 Professional and Sadie 6 Lite are set at a lower price point, while still delivering many of the features of Sadie 6.

Sadie 6 Lite presents the core capabilities of Sadie in an entry-level package, while Sadie 6 Professional can handle unlimited tracks and incorporates one year's free support including all major updates. Both Sadie Lite and Sadie Professional include Sadie's flexible and non-destructive editing tools such as the Playlist, Trim and Region editors. They also provide a slimmed-down core set of iZotope VST plug-ins and the established palette of Sadie channel strip processing.

“Sadie Professional and Sadie Lite are designed to appeal to radio producers who want the core functionality of Sadie 6 so that they can edit on their own lap-tops,” said Graham Boswell, sales director of Prism Sound.  “These versions are ideal for users who don’t need integration with networked radio automation or facilities to master or restore audio.”

Prism Sound