Metric Halo Production Bundle Suite

Date: 09/14/2015

Metric Halo (MH) has largely made its name on the merits of high-quality hardware and converters, specifically DAW interfaces like its LIO and ULN.  MORE

What’S Next For Audio Education?

Date: 09/10/2015

Chris Davie has worked at the elite level of audio production and served as the vice president of the US division of SAE Institute.  MORE

Innovations: Packing Power into a Portable PA—Bose F1 Flexible Array Loudspeaker System

Date: 09/10/2015

Bose Professional is no stranger to changing the paradigm for portable PA systems.  MORE

The Ever-Evolving Subscription Model

Date: 09/10/2015

It seems like only yesterday we covered changes in subscription software—last March, to be exact. But, in “computer years,” six months can be an eternity, and the subscription model continues to evolve and mutate.  MORE

Primacoustic VoxGuard VU Nearfield Absorber

Date: 09/09/2015

I’ve long found Primacoustic—the acoustic materials firm birthed from Canada’s respected Radial Engineering—to be a rich source of absorptive and diffusive materials for improving the many lackluster environments we must often use in audio capture and monitoring.  MORE

Crane Song INSIGNA Tube EQ for 500 Series

Date: 09/09/2015

We are constantly inundated with new 500 Series units.  MORE


Date: 09/09/2015

Recording purists often talk about “moving air” as the ideal way to capture worthwhile sounds.  MORE


Date: 09/09/2015

Like many small diaphragm condensers (SDCs), there’s not much to describe about the new Hummingbird from Blue.  MORE


Date: 09/09/2015

Metalcore producer Joey Sturgis has developed JST, an interesting line of super-affordable plug-ins seemingly aimed at heavy music creators, though they promise utility far beyond genre-based boundaries.  MORE


Date: 09/09/2015

If you’re talking about a “touring bass rig,” you’re often talking about an Ampeg SVT with an Avalon U5 DI preamp to provide the routing, impedance dropping and signal balancing to directly inject bass into FOH, monitors and the bass rig itself.  MORE

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Hybrid Digital Synthesizer Plug-in

Date: 09/09/2015

After a lengthy wait (as in several years!), the new Omnisphere 2 Hybrid Digital Synthesizer from Eric Persing and the gang at Spectrasonics is finally out.  MORE

Innovations: A Workstation With A Console Heart— HARRISON MIXBUS VERSION3

Date: 09/09/2015

Harrison is a world-renowned manufacturer of ultra-high-end mixing consoles.  MORE

Will Windows 10 Take It To Eleven?

Date: 09/09/2015

One of the big surprises at Summer NAMM was Microsoft’s courtship of the audio industry, with both a general overview in the Davidson Ballroom, and a later A3E session that took a deeper, and more specific, dive.  MORE

When The Fans Are All Making Music, Who’s Listening?

Date: 09/09/2015

A story like this issue’s feature on Propellerhead’s new portable platform may give rise to a “Why is this in PRO Sound News?” query.  MORE

InfoComm 2015 Showcases Connectivity and Performance

Date: 09/08/2015

The 2015 InfoComm conference and exhibition for professional audiovisual integrators saw record-breaking attendance numbers for the east coast show.  MORE

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