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Sonodyne SM 100Ak Active Nearfield Monitors

Date: 01/27/2012

Sonodyne, A Relatively New Name On The Tongues Of U.S.-Based Engineers, Producers And Other Pro Audio Types, Is Not A New Manufacturer.  MORE

Neumann KH 120 Powered Nearfield Studio Monitor

Date: 01/18/2012

The Merging Of Klein & Hummel’S Monitor Lineup Into Neumann’S Catalog Has Commenced With The KH 120 Powered, Nearfield Monitor ($1,098 Each).  MORE

Se Munro Egg 150 Studio Monitor System

Date: 12/14/2011

Starting With A Clean Slate And An Experienced Designer, The Egg 150S Deliver On A Goal Of Sonic Neutrality.  MORE

Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus Monitor Optimization System (PFS)

Date: 10/21/2011

PFS allows your speakers to sound how they are supposed to sound if your room “wasn’t being so destructive,” offers Tatz. Here, PAR’s senior contributor enthusiastically confirms this claim.  MORE

BAE Expands Ops

Date: 10/20/2011

N. HOLLYWOOD, CA—British Audio Engineering (BAE) recently expanded its base of operations, relocating to a commercial building in North Hollywood, CA. Once known as Brent Averill Enterprises, BAE is now focused on very faithfully reproducing some of the Class-A discrete audio circuit designs of the 1960s and ’70s, enhancing and repackaging a number of those classic designs to better meet the expectations of 21st century music creators.  MORE

Alto MIXPACK Express Portable PA System

Date: 10/12/2011

A Small, Convenient, Quality Mobile PA Is A Near Necessity For The Gigging Musician And/Or Average Live Sound Professional.  MORE

Pelonis Signature Series Model 42 Studio Monitor Loudspeakers

Date: 09/27/2011

The Pelonis Signature Model 42 Studio Monitor Loudspeakers Have A Distinctive “Function- Defining-Form” Appearance.  MORE

Neumann KH 120 Powered Nearfield Studio Monitor

Date: 09/16/2011

Neumann’S Entree Into The Studio Monitor Market Is A Success, Thanks To Klein & Hummel’S Initially Excellent Design, Fine Imaging And Superior Construction.  MORE

Pushing The Limits

Date: 09/01/2011

Introduced at AES in New York in 2009, but already used in leading recording and broadcast facilities around the world, the SX Series from ADAM Audio grew out of a desire by company founder Klaus Heinz and his engineering team at ADAM Audio to maximize the efficiency of the company’s already well-accepted SA Series studio monitor systems  MORE

QSC Audio Backs Haitian Aid Fundraiser

Date: 09/01/2011

BEL AIR, CA—QSC Audio Recently Donated Audio Support, With West Coast Sound Providing Supplemental Gear And Crew, To Haiti Food Project: A Second Aid Benefit Concert.  MORE

ADAM A8X Powered Studio Monitor

Date: 08/18/2011

Innovative Ribbon Tweeter Technology, Measurably Flat Frequency Response And An Affordable Price Point Make The A8X An Incredible Value.  MORE

Pelonis Signature Series Model 42 Studio Monitor Loudspeakers

Date: 08/18/2011

These Portable Pelonis Studio Monitors Offer Superb Clarity, Detail And Balance With Stellar Imaging.  MORE

Refining Form to Function: A Painstaking Process

Date: 08/10/2011

It all started sometime around the turn of the century when many of my friends and clients were so strongly requesting a small speaker that would give the same sonic signature as my larger speakers.  MORE

Focusrite VRM Virtual Reference Monitor System

Date: 06/09/2011

I’Ve Just Been Listening To A Favorite Bit Of Music In A Professional Studio On A Set Of Genelec 1031As.  MORE


Date: 04/28/2011

Renkus-Heinz Has Launched The IC2 (IC Squared), "The World's First High Powered, Medium Format Digitally Steerable Loudspeaker System."



Loudspeakers--Studio Monitors

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