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PAR-Tube Presents — Review Preview: API The Box

Date: 11/03/2014

The Editors of Pro Audio Review magazine proudly present "PAR-Tube," a new initiative starring the Contributors of PAR in an ongoing video-based review, applications and new product presentation series. The latest installment, a Review Preview "unboxing" vid, is presented by Rob Tavaglione on API's The Box Project Recording and Mixing Console.  MORE

What's Next For Daws?

Date: 10/30/2014

The Late John Simonton, PAIA Electronics’ Founder, Was A Visionary—And I Don’T Use That Word Often.  MORE

A Once Staple Processor Reborn Anew

Date: 10/30/2014

Within The First Minute Of Listening To The “New” AMS RMX16 Digital Reverb Plug-In From Universal Audio (Uaudio.Com), I Said, “Damn—I Forgot How Badass This Unit Is.”  MORE

The State Of The Software Synth

Date: 09/29/2014

In The July Issue, We Looked At The General State Of Plug-Ins.  MORE

Maxing Out, Optimally

Date: 09/29/2014

The Colorful BBE Sonic Sweet Optimized From Nomad Factory Re-Introduces Four Popular BBE Plug-Ins, But Specifically For Avid AAX And Pro Tools 11 Users.  MORE

AP Launches New Flagship

Date: 09/29/2014

NEW YORK, NY—Audio Precision Has Announced A New Flagship Audio Analyzer, The Apx555.  MORE

Leaning On Support

Date: 08/27/2014

Many People Maintain That Daws Have Evolved To Being Much The Same— They All Cut, Paste, Copy, Import, Export, Etc.  MORE

One Man’S Personal Studio Essentials

Date: 08/27/2014

Today I Was Working In My Studio, Composing Some TV Cues, And I Took A Moment To Just Look Around.  MORE

The State Of The Plug-In

Date: 08/11/2014

Change Can Be Difficult, But Ultimately Worth It.  MORE


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PAR On Audio Production Touch Screens

Date: 07/02/2014

I think one of the big changes on the horizon is touch screen technology utilizing touch screen panels (TSPs). It’s time to re-imagine the tools of music production. I look around and I see TSPs in use everywhere, from smartphones to cash registers, cars to airport ticket terminals. The rapid adoption and success of the iPad is a clear indicator that TSPs are here to stay.  MORE


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Regarding Resolution

Date: 05/21/2014

On His Continuing Adventures In Software, Rich Tozzoli Finds Himself Pondering The Future Path Through The High-Resolution Landscape.  MORE

NUGEN Audio Upgrades Visualizer

Date: 05/15/2014

NUGEN Audio recently released a significant update to its Visualizer audio analysis suite so it can now support the Avid AAX 64-bit format for PC and Mac, as well as the VST3 standard for digital audio plug-ins.  MORE

Universal Audio Offers Software Upgrades

Date: 05/12/2014

Universal Audio Has Announced The Release Of UAD Software V7.7 For Its UAD Powered Plug-Ins Platform And Apollo Audio Interfaces.  MORE

Joel, Fallon Clip Spurs Apogee, Loopy HD

Date: 03/25/2014

During the March 20, 2014 episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, host Jimmy Fallon and his guest, Grammy-winning artist Billy Joel, teamed up to record an a capella performance of the Tokens’ classic. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” using an Apple iPad, an app called Loopy HD, and Apogee’s Quartet audio interface. In the five days since the segment aired, the clip has spread across the internet and has been viewed 5.5 millions just on YouTube alone.  MORE

Who’S Minding The Storage?

Date: 01/13/2014

The Most Valuable Part Of Any Computer Is Its Data—And The Amount Of Data Being Generated By The Modern Studio Continues To Increase.  MORE

I Mac Therefore Imac

Date: 01/13/2014

In His Continuing Adventures In Software, Rich Tozzoli Nabs A New Secondary Rig For Production Chores And More.  MORE

Eventide Bows Mood Plug-In

Date: 01/03/2014

Eventide has released a trial version of the Mood plug-in, which analyzes and compares key, spectral content, tempo, dynamics and additional musical aspects to a database made of responses from people listening to and rating pop songs.  MORE

API Debuts The Box

Date: 12/26/2013

NASHVILLE, TN—Mixing In The Box Takes On A Whole New Meaning With The Introduction Of The Small Footprint, Full-Featured API The Box Analog Console.  MORE

ATR Services’ Mike Spitz Passes

Date: 12/26/2013

YORK, PA—Founder and co-owner of ATR Services and ATR Magnetics, Michael D. Spitz, 59, passed away on October 12, 2013 at York Hospital after a long battle with cancer.  MORE

AES 135Th Convention A Hit

Date: 12/26/2013

The 135th Audio Engineering Society Convention blew through New York City in October, bringing with it a cornucopia of new pro audio gear, education, panels, workshops, celebrity sightings and more.  MORE

The 2013 Anderton Awards

Date: 12/26/2013

The Anderton Awards, The Virtual Awards Ceremony That Hits AES Every Year Like A 24-Hour Intestinal Flu, Got Off To A Great Start!  MORE

Over-Delivery As A Goal

Date: 12/24/2013

Rich Tozzoli Detours On His Continuing Adventures In Software To Ponder The Right Way To Put One Over On Clients.  MORE

Anticipating Audio For 4K TV At AES

Date: 12/23/2013

NEW YORK, NY—While much of this year’s AES Convention was about exploring what’s brand-new in pro audio, the Broadcast/Streaming Media track looked far beyond the cutting edge, directly into the future.  MORE

Iosono Anymix Pro AAX

Date: 12/11/2013

Iosono has unveiled Anymix Pro AAX. The surround mixing plug-in is now supporting Avid’s new AAX Native Format, intended to provide a smooth workflow with new time-saving features for Avid Pro Tools 11 users.  MORE

Time To Say “Thanks”

Date: 12/03/2013

In his Continuing Adventures In Software, Rich Tozzoli pauses for reflection and wipes a tear of joy from his eye as he beholds the toys and tools that virtually surround him.  MORE

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