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by Brainstorm Media On 06/29/2015



Martin Audio MLA Compact solved complex noise overspill issues at the Gottwood Electronic and Music Festival on the isle of Anglesey off the coast of Wales.

by Heather J. Davis On 06/29/2015

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – JUNE 2015: From Drawmer, maker of high-end pro audio signal processing equipment used for decades to record hit albums, comes the Drawmer MC1.1 Monitor Pre-Amp, which is the ultimate way to listen to those hit albums… or to make new ones! The MC1.1 employs a pristine, all-analog signal path that presents any audio input honestly and in its very best light, including MP3 players, balanced or unbalanced line-level sources such as CD players and DAW outputs, and turntables. Indeed, the MC1.1 includes the requisite RIAA phono stage circuitry that, when paired with the superior preamp circuitry of the MC1.1, will make vinyl practically jump out of your loudspeakers. Outputs from the MC1.1 can feed active loudspeakers (with a separate subwoofer output), a separate power amplifier for driving passive loudspeakers, or headphones. The Drawmer MC1.1 is distributed in the United States by boutique pro audio specialist TransAudio Group and lists for just $599.

by Heather J. Davis On 06/29/2015

TAMPA. FLORIDA – JUNE 2015: Twenty years after its founding by a handful of dedicated families, Redeemer Church celebrated the completion of a brand new 16,000-plus square-foot sanctuary, fellowship hall, and classroom complex in its hometown of Riverview, Florida, a suburb of Tampa. Midway through the design phase, local A/V integration firm Christian Sound Installation (CSI) picked the project up when another firm folded, taking the best elements of the existing work and tweaking it for increased integration, impact, and functionality. Based on past success and a proven record of reliability, CSI specified Ashly Audio network-ready processors and amplifiers, which, together with an Ashly WR-5 remote control, gives the church reliability, great sound quality, and the ability to conduct full, audio-engineered services or smaller, auto-mixed events, such as weddings or funerals.

by Brainstorm Media On 06/29/2015



Guitarist, composer and author Jennifer Batten is embarking on a 26-city clinic tour of Sam Ash locations that will feature a full demonstration of the Fishman TriplePlay Wireless MIDI Controller.

by Clyne Media, Inc On 06/27/2015

— Early Registration is now open for both Free and Premium badges for the largest audio event of the year —

by Clyne Media, Inc On 06/27/2015

Microsoft Production Studios has expanded its existing RedNet infrastructure at its Redmond, Washington compound, where full-service, state-of-the-art facilities provide all of the resources necessary to produce end-to-end media solutions for Microsoft and third-party clients

by Clyne Media, Inc On 06/27/2015

Santa Monica, Calif. (June 24, 2015) — The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing® announced today, during CE Week in New York City, that it has embarked upon the creation of a series of Hi-Res Production Guidelines, with the goal of further clarifying the technology and techniques essential to producing great high-resolution music.

by Clyne Media, Inc On 06/27/2015

New York, NY, June 24, 2015
– At CE Week 2015 High Resolution Technologies (HRT) is demonstrating how everyone can hear better sound from headphones by using the company’s nano series dSp and i-dSp digital Sound processors, two accessories that provide significantly improved headphone sound quality for smartphones, tablets, and portable devices.

by Clyne Media, Inc On 06/27/2015

Los Angeles CA, June 23, 2015 — The latest round of sponsors has been announced for the 2015 Recording Industry Golf Tournament™ (RIGT), which will be held Monday, June 29, 2015, at MountainGate Country Club in L.A., with the shotgun start at 12:00 noon. Joining the sponsors list are RRFC Institute (Recording, Radio, Film and Culinary Connection), iZotope, Inc. and David M. Angress Consulting. RRFC is serving as a hole sponsor; iZotope is serving as the $1,000,000 shoot-out sponsor; and David M. Angress Consulting is sponsoring the Hole-in-One giveaway.

by Clyne Media, Inc On 06/26/2015

Ultra-portable 8-channel/10-track audio recorder + digital mixer puts the world of professional sound within reach

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