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by Nancy Waters On 11/10/2011

Legendary country/pop artist Dolly Parton is performing across America, Europe, and Australia on the “Better Day World Tour” in support of her recently released album of the same name. FOH engineer and production manager Mike Fechner and monitor engineer Jason Glass, both of whom have been with Parton for several years, insisted on a Meyer Sound reinforcement system consisting of MILO® and MICA® line array loudspeakers.

by Nancy Waters On 11/11/2011

After completing a major overhaul of its two largest dubbing stages, Wildfire Post-Production Studios in Los Angeles has become the first film and TV production facility in Southern California to offer Meyer Sound’s cutting-edge EXP® cinema loudspeakers in a large mixing environment.

by Nancy Waters On 12/13/2011

Set amid the pastoral greenery of Denmark’s Birkerød village, Mantziusgården CultureCenter has recently upgraded its venerable Meyer Sound UPA-1 loudspeakers of 21 years to a JM-1P arrayable loudspeaker system. Stouenborg of Kastrup, Denmark handled the sound system design and installation.

by Nancy Waters On 12/23/2011

In response to the increasing demand for Constellation® acoustic systems around the world, Meyer Sound has added Mac Johnson and Ana Lorente to the Constellation team. Johnson has been named Constellation project manager, transferring from his prior position as education programs coordinator for the company. Ana Lorente, formerly with the projects department of Meyer Sound Spain, will now serve as Constellation project designer.

by On 12/13/2011

Following a convincing demo of a Meyer Sound M’elodie® line array loudspeaker system during its annual Christmas concerts, Evangel Church in Kansas City, Mo. was quickly convinced that they had found the ideal audio technology to fully support its services. The congregation soon rallied to marshal its resources, eventually investing in a nearly identical Meyer Sound system, designed and commissioned by Greg Slape of Special Event Services in Winston-Salem, N.C.

by Nancy Waters On 12/14/2011

Judas Priest, one of the most renowned and influential heavy metal groups, has embarked on what the band is calling its final world tour, with abundant support from Meyer Sound equipment and supplier Major Tom Limited. Judas Priest’s “Epitaph” tour has included Europe, South America, Mexico, and 35 stops in Canada and the US (wrapping up December 3 in Biloxi, Miss.). The next stop is Japan in early 2012.

by Nancy Waters On 12/23/2011

Contemporary Christian rockers Skillet toured the United States this fall with a Meyer Sound MILO line array loudspeaker system. The “Awake and Alive” tour brought the Memphis-born band to 16 venues in 12 states. Skillet will return to the road beginning December 28 in Sevierville, Tenn.

by On 12/23/2011

Cinetopia Progress Ridge 14 in Beaverton, Ore. was one of the few elite theatres in the Portland metro area selected for the December 15, 2011 pre-screenings of “Mission: Impossible—The Ghost Protocol.” Among those venues, Cinetopia was the only one to bolster the blockbuster’s stunning visuals with the visceral and immersive impact of Meyer Sound’s premium EXP™ cinema loudspeaker systems.

by Nancy Waters On 01/25/2012

Meyer Sound’s line of self-powered, low-voltage audio solutions has grown with the addition of three new 48-volt, DC-powered loudspeakers that offer the same exemplary performance as their AC-powered counterparts. These systems open the way to a broadened range of low-voltage installations that demand exceptional audio clarity, higher SPL, and powerful bass impact.

by Nancy Waters On 01/17/2012

Now settled into its new purpose-built theatre, the Improv Comedy Club in Houston, Tex., has cemented its reputation as one of the country’s premier showcases for uproarious talent. A fan-shaped room with raked seating ensures that everyone gets a clear view of both the stage and the 16-foot-wide projection surface by Stewart Filmscreen, while a potent Meyer Sound system delivers all the punch lines with crisp intelligibility to all 510 seats.

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