Hal Leonard Publishes 2nd Volume of Power Tools for Studio One 2

9/9/2013 12:00:00 AM

Second volume of the most comprehensive book about PreSonus' power Studio One 2 now available

Montclair, NJ (September 9, 2013) - Hal Leonard Books, the musician’s best source of books on the music business, audio technology, instrument histOne 2,ory, and more, has released the second volume of the book on Studio One 2, by Studio One maven Larry the O. Both volumes are the only comprehensive references to Studio One, containing a substantial amount of material not documented anywhere, including in the user manual.
Whereas Power Tools for Studio One 2, Volume 1 orients readers to the program and teaches them how to record, play, and edit audio and MIDI, Volume 2 takes users deeper into advanced applications such as working with loops and video as well as the all-important processes of music production, mixing, mastering, and sharing their work with the world. Volume 2 explores each topic in comprehensive detail, exposing every aspect of subjects like plug-ins, automation, and the use of control surfaces.
The transparent integration of mixing, mastering, and sharing is fundamental to Studio One 2’s amazing production power. In this valuable resource, Studio One expert Larry the O demonstrates how to jump from a mastering session back to a mix to make changes, which are then instantly updated in the mastering session; how to export masters to an audio file, to a DDP file that can be sent to a professional mastering house, or to a set of compressed files for digital downloading; and how to upload directly from Studio One 2 to online services, such as SoundCloud. Volume 2 also details the program’s unique capacity to allow users to trade tricks through PreSonus Exchange. Thanks to author’s friendly tone and entertaining writing style, this informative book is far from dry and makes an interesting and easy-to-follow read.
This new volume also discusses important features released since the first volume was written, such as the new Macros feature and Nimbit, the PreSonus acquired e-commerce technology that makes selling music, merchandise and tickets to gigs and events easy and convenient. The author includes several helpful appendices that address troubleshooting common problems users encounter. The included DVD-ROM shows in easy-to-grasp videos how to create Musicloop and Audioloop files, how to use Studio One’s metering capabilities, how to integrate external processors with Pipeline, how to use the Project page, “true stem mixing”, as well as song and project integration.
Volume 1 received lots of industry accolades:

"This book is the ‘straight line’ between booting the program and creating a project. While it's suitable for those
getting started with Studio One Pro, there are plenty of tips, shortcuts, and workflow ideas that existing users
will find helpful as well." - Craig Anderton

"This has got to be the most comprehensive book in learning everything from the basics to advanced techniques
in Studio One. Larry the O takes you all the way. Highly recommended for beginners or pros."
- Rick Naqvi, Vice President, Sales, PreSonus

"Power Tools for Studio One 2 does a fantastic job of getting you up and running in Studio One 2 and guiding
you into some of the more complex functions that aren't covered in the application's documentation."
- Pro Audio Review

"Larry the O has decades of experience educating readers about music technology, and his friendly tone adds to
the book's 'here's some cool stuff I bet you didn't know' nature. And there is stuff you won't know in here…
this book promises (and delivers) information about Studio One 2 that even PreSonus doesn't document
- Mike Metlay, Editor, Recording magazine

About the Author
Larry the O has spent more than 30 years as a music and audio professional in nearly every aspect of the
industry. As a musician, sound designer, composer, engineer, producer, and writer, Larry has amassed credits in
film, TV, video games, articles and reviews in magazines such as Mix and Electronic Musician, and technical
authoring for top audio-industry companies. His audio services company, Toys in the Attic, is based in Vallejo,

Power Tools for Studio One 2, volume 2
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