Hal Leonard Publishes The History of Marshall: The first fifty years

12/11/2013 12:00:00 AM

Montclair, NJ (December 10, 2013) – Twenty years after Michael Doyle’s last Marshall book, The History Of Marshall, was published (1993), Hal Leonard now releases The First Fifty Years, an updated and revised edition with the additional insight and deep Marshall knowledge of co-author Nick Bowcott.

From its humble origins in the back of a small music store in London, Marshall Amplification grew to become the gear company that has defined the sound of rock for generations of guitarists. The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years tells the story of Jim Marshall’s remarkable life and documents the many innovations of Marshall amplifiers, from the famous “stack” to the most current offerings.

This full color illustrated volume is tremendously expanded, bringing the history of the company and its products up to date, including more than twice as many chapters as the last edition and hundreds more images of rare amplifiers and historical documents. Featuring coverage of Marshall’s 2012 fiftieth-anniversary year, history of Marshall’s factory locations, and detailed specs on Marshall’s products, including limited-edition gear, and peppered with reflections from technicians and artists in the extended Marshall family, this is a definite account of one of the foremost manufacturers of musical amplification equipment in the world. The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years is absolutely essential reading for musicians, technicians, and collectors alike.


  • Hundreds of color photographs throughout, including rare amplifiers and previously unpublished historical documents
  • Reprints of vintage catalogs and marketing materials from Marshall and its related brands, including Park and CMI
  • Extensive appraisal and history of the Celestion speaker
  • History of the Marshall factory locations and the pictorial “factory tour”

About the authors

Michael Doyle is the author of three other books: The Sound of Rock: A History fo marshall Valve Guitar Amplifiers; The History of Marshall: The Illustrated Story of "The Sound of Rock"; and The Art of the Amplifier. He lives in the Los Angeles area.

Nick Bowcott was the founder, lead guitarist, and riff writer for the '80s heavy metal band Grim Reaper. He has since gone on to become an associate editor of Guitar World magazine and has published several guitar method books and two tutorial DVDs. he is also the Global Manager of Marketing and AR for Marshall Amplification. He lives in Glendale, Arizona.

The History of Marshall: The First Fifty Years
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