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120th AES Convention Committee Provides Insights Into Paris

Paris (May 12, 2006)--With only days remaining before the opening of the 120th AES Pro Audio Expo & Convention in Paris, members of the Convention Committee have provided some insights into the program.

Paris (May 12, 2006)–With only days remaining before the opening of the 120th AES Pro Audio Expo & Convention in Paris, members of the Convention Committee have provided some insights into the program.
Standing (l-r): Convention Chair Klaus Blasquiz; Workshop co-chair Claire Mérienne; Tutorials Chair Francis Rumsey; AES Executive Director Roger Furness; Program Coordinator Han Tendeloo and Technical Tours Chair John Rutledge. Front row (l-r): Workshop Co-Chair Philippe Herzog and Application Seminars organizer Gisele Clark.Convention Chairman Klaus Blasquiz reported, “I’m proud to say that we created the most comprehensive program ever seen at a European AES Convention. I am confident that every visitor will find something of value, both in terms of industry news and in specific information. My particular favorite is the growing trend towards HD in all fields of audio. I see HD as a very positive development in our industry, as it puts the focus back on high quality audio.”

The Paper and Poster Sessions cover an extremely broad range of topics at this year’s convention. “We have designed a very compact and multifaceted paper program, which together with the parallel poster sessions, will provide visitors with an intimate and informative atmosphere,” said Papers Co-Chair Mike Williams on the concept behind this year’s sessions.

Workshop Co-Chair Claire Mérienne, pointed to the integration of different areas of Broadcasting as the strong ingredient of the Workshops: “We have designed a total of 16 different topics, and made sure to integrate the most timely issues. Two of my favorite Workshops are 5.1 in Broadcast (W15) and Audio Quality Measurement in New Media (W13).” Workshop Co-Chair Phillippe Herzog added, “I am certain that the topic of networking will also become a highlight. The Audio via IP (W4) Workshop is sure to generate a great deal of interest.”

The AES Convention is much more than just a forum to showcase the latest innovations, it is also designed to provide visitors with a strong focus on the fundamentals. “The tutorials at the 120th Convention will give attendees a wonderful opportunity to learn about basic issues in digital audio, such as filters and low bit-rate coding, or practical matters such as choosing a live sound system for a venue,” said Francis Rumsey, Chair of the Tutorial program. Rumsey is especially passionate about two topics: “Jeff Levison will lead a tutorial on Mastering for Multichannel Audio, and,” he added, “there will be a critically important session on the Causes and Prevention of Hearing Loss–a must for all sound engineers.”

“We have coordinated a number of unique Technical Tours,” reported Chair John Rutledge. “For me, the most intriguing is our visit to the Radio France Music Channel for rehearsals of a 5.1-mix of Emilie Simon’s live concert. The tour includes tickets to the performance that evening! This exceptional opportunity is further enhanced by the fact that Emilie Simon is one of the keynote speakers at our opening ceremony.”

“The 120th AES Pro Audio Expo & Convention is a major accomplishment,” concluded Klaus Blasquiz. “In the last few months we really gave it our all, but in the end we simply cannot beat the draw of Paris as a location. I am honored to welcome our peers and colleagues to Paris, a city with an extraordinary influence on the history of audio technology–a city that is known worldwide for its ambience and broad cultural appeal.”

The 120th AES Pro Audio Expo & Convention runs from May 20th to the 23rd at the Paris Expo. Visitors can pre-register at