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AC-701K for Telefunken ELA M 251

Features an edge-terminated, dual-backplate capsule and the AC-701K tube

Fast Facts

$11,995 list (ELA M 251)

Telefunken Elektroakustik |
Telefunken Elektroakustik has discovered and acquired a substantial stock of the rare AC-701K vacuum tube used in the ELA M 251 microphone, the company’s flagship model. The AC-701K is a small, triode vacuum tube that produces “a very rich and opulent tone.” Built with a glass enclosure, its characteristics include low noise, a low degree of microphonics, and a propensity for a long life, requiring minimal maintenance and consistent results.

The ELA M 251 features an edge-terminated, dual-backplate capsule and the AC-701K tube, which was designed to meet the technical specifications of German and Austrian broadcast during the period when these microphones were originally constructed. The ELA M 251 system also comes with a Swisswound custom audio transformer, vintage-style power supply, 10-meter Gotham Audio cable, locking leather bound flight case, wooden microphone box, owner’s manual, and a fully transferable warranty.