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Adamson Adds Support Personnel

Toronto (May 20, 2009)--Adamson Systems Engineering has hired two tour support engineers; David Dohrmann, based in Berlin, Germany will join Adamson European Tour Support, while Ewan McDonald will join Adamson's Canadian headquarters support team.

Toronto (May 20, 2009)–Adamson Systems Engineering has hired two tour support engineers; David Dohrmann, based in Berlin, Germany will join Adamson European Tour Support, while Ewan McDonald will join Adamson’s Canadian headquarters support team.

David Dohrmannn
Dohrmann will provide support and training with Adamson European Tour Support chief technician, Jochen Sommer: “After the interviews, we all agreed that David’s technical knowledge, combined with his friendly and highly motivated demeanour, made him number-one on our list,” said Sommer. “He’s gotten up-to-speed with our gear very fast, has good ears, and his system tuning fits our approach. I’m confident that he will be a major reinforcement for Adamson’s European Support.”

Dohrmann’s first University degree was in musicology. His career began as a keyboard and piano player in several bands in Berlin, and a few years later, found himself in music production and doing studio work, which led him to begin work as a freelance audio technician and enroll in engineering programs at the Robert-Schumann-Hochschule and University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since graduating in 2006, he has been working as a freelance sound engineer and system technician for many local to international productions such as the President’s Ball with Status Quo, Princess Lillifee Musical Tour, and Brian Ferry.

Ewan McDonald, hailing from Sydney, Australia, will be joining Adamson’s Canadian headquarters support team. Ewan’s career began just over 10 years ago, and got his first notable break with Norwest Productions working at the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2000. He continued his relationship with Norwest, becoming one of its most senior systems engineers and just finished overseeing the Adamson PA on the Australian leg of the Brooks & Dunn tour, before getting on a plane to Canada.

Ewan met Jesse Adamson, Adamson Systems Engineering’s Director of Marketing and Sales, not long after Norwest’s relationship began with Adamson. “I first met him in Singapore when I was working as a Monitor Engineer on the three-month-long Singapore NDP show. We met again when I was the FOH system engineer for the Linkin Park ‘Minutes to Midnight’ Tour, which was the first big Y18/T21 tour over in Australia. It was not long after the LP tour that we started talking about the possibility of me doing some work with Adamson. Over the past year, I have been helping out with some Adamson tech support and training, and when Jesse offered me something more permanent, I jumped at the chance.”

Ewan McDonaldAdamson had requested the blessings of Chris Kennedy, owner of Norwest Production, before inking the deal with Ewan. “We have a great deal of respect for Norwest Productions and had to ensure that Chris Kennedy would be comfortable with this deal. When Chris gave us the thumbs up, we couldn’t wait to get Ewan over to Canada. He works hard on a show, makes the gear sound great and gets along well with the guys on the road. He will be a strong addition to our team.”

One thing McDonald won’t miss, is the nomadic lifestyle; although he will still be conducting training seminars and tour support worldwide, a very interesting and more permanent base in Canada was too tempting to refuse: “I’m looking forward to working for Adamson because I firmly believe that they make the best sounding speakers in the world by pushing the boundaries of conventional speaker design and product development The opportunity to work with a team like that was a once in a lifetime offer.”

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