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Adamson Heads To Church

Burnaby, BC (September 22, 2009)--Established in 1961, multi-cultural Willingdon Church located in Burnaby, British Columbia recently installed a new Adamson loudspeaker system.

Burnaby, BC (September 22, 2009)–Established in 1961, multi-cultural Willingdon Church located in Burnaby, British Columbia recently installed a new Adamson loudspeaker system.

In the 1,200 seat House of Worship where musicals, cantatas, weekly sermons, worship services and concerts are enjoyed by members of the Burnaby Community. Previously to the upgrade with the new Adamson System, Willingdon Church used a different brand of PA, yet felt that there weren’t enough components to reach proper SPL and distribution for their assortment of various activities taking place at a large House of Worship.

After the church demoed four different competitors’ line array systems throughout the year, and a recommendation from a fellow colleague, Pastor Ron Clark selected the Adamson system which he thought would best suit their variety of needs. Clark commented “After listening to the Adamson system the first time and then reviewing other line arrays in the industry, it seemed that they were missing something that could not be pin pointed, but upon coming back for a final demonstration with Adamson, it was apparent that Adamson fulfilled all sound requirements, and we were convinced it was the right choice.”

Willingdon Church purchased 16 Spektrix Cabinets, four Spektrix Subs, one M121.5, and nine CB1s with Lab.gruppen Fp and C Series amplifiers. The Church’s Dynacord 12″ stage monitors received a Lab.gruppen C28:4 amp. The sound design was created and installed by contractor LTS Worldwide, in conjunction with Willingdon Church’s audio technicians Mark Siemens and Kevin Koehn. Their stereo system design consists of L and R arrays of 8 five degree (vertical) Spektrix cabinets, plus two 15 degree Spektrix W flown at the bottom of the arrays. Low-end configuration has two Spektrix subs, which were placed dead center under the stage, and a flown center cluster of two SpekTrix Subs in cardioid mode. The sub formation is processed separately using factory-specified cardioid mode presets. To achieve even coverage throughout the whole venue, a single MH 121.5 was placed on the upper balcony as side fill, and six CB1s were distributed as under balcony fills on the main sanctuary level, three more CB1s were installed for a choir fill.

Feedback from the congregation has been positive; system technician Siemens notes that the evenness in coverage throughout the auditorium was very important: “This system delivers. The quality of the full range sound is superior to the other systems we tested, which makes mixing really enjoyable. The warmth and clarity without any harshness really sold me on this system. We go from choir and orchestra, to rock within the same service, and the Spektrix system performs great for both”.

Meanwhile, Koehn was quite excited after being able test drive the system: “I’m very impressed with our new sound system. I like to drive the system a little harder than most, and I have found that it performs flawlessly at higher levels. We also had an opportunity to try out Adamson’s famous T21 sub-woofer, and there’s only one word that can describe it: Incredible!”

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