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Adamson Joins John Fogerty On The Road

Toronto, Canada (August 19, 2009)--Classic rocker John Fogerty recently finished up his Rockin' Canada Tour, which found him using an Adamson Y Axis system provided by Atomic Pro Audio.

Toronto, Canada (August 19, 2009)–Classic rocker John Fogerty recently finished up his Rockin’ Canada Tour, which found him using an Adamson Y Axis system provided by Atomic Pro Audio.

Atomic sent out Evan McElhinney as Systems Tech for the Rockin’ Tour. Prior to departure, company owner Kevin Margolin and McElhinney worked on the sound design; all stops were mid- to large-sized arenas, but the designs were almost identical in every venue with the exception of dropping off a couple of boxes where trim height was an issue.

McElhinney and Margolin chose to use a flown mains system of a dozen Adamson Y18s with two Spektrix W hung below for frontfill, per side. Side hangs for outfill were comprised of eight Y10 with a two Spektrix, two Spektrix W underhang. For low-end, eight T-21 subs as a double-stacked tour cart were evenly spread across the front of stage on the floor. Lab.gruppen’s FP 7,000 amplifiers for LF and subs and FP 10,000Qs for the Mids and Highs powered the Adamson system.

Evan and system tech Clint Boire then fine tuned the PA for every venue using the Shooter design with room and height modifications. They would then spend about an hour on EQ, time alignment and a good walk around, using tools such as SIA Smaartlive 6 for Mac and an Audix TR40 analyzer mic. FOH Engineer Felix Brenner let Evan set-up for the most part: “We communicated well and Felix was all about running around with microphones too – how often you have a FOH Engineer who is that cool?”

The only adjustment McElhinney would make on the next tour was to fly some of the T21 subs and place rest on the floor, as he did on the last Linkin Park tour. Even when using less of the high upper levels of the bowl seating than on a full-sized arena tour, McElhinney felt that the subs were still stronger on the floor and at FOH. “John (Fogerty) and I experimented with different delay times and placements to achieve a very smooth low end,” said McElhinney. “John is very particular about the technical side of things and he walked with me daily to have a listen to what we did. I was extremely pleased with the end result in both coverage and SPL calculations. Shooter made it very easy to predict where to shade boxes.”

Adamson Systems Engineering