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Adamson Moves Into Mylos

Greece (July 20, 2010)--The Mylos Club on the island of Crete recently had a new Adamson SX system installed by Greece-based dealer DNA.

Greece (July 20, 2010)–The Mylos Club on the island of Crete recently had a new Adamson SX system installed by Greece-based dealer DNA.

The Mylos Club’s owners, brothers George and Stelios Varouxakis, began looking for a new system three years ago, and was primarily concerned with the support level offered not only by the dealer, but the manufacturer directly.

To support Mylos, DNA delivered two things:”First, we offered a price comparison to show that Adamson fell within the client’s budget with the fine tuning of product specifications and room designs. In our case, we had a positive surprise: Take the SX18’s for example, Adamson had unbeknownst to us, made some cosmetic updates and technical modifications to the components and enclosure we were not aware of. Secondly when we informed them of the proposed installation, Adamson offered to fly in to install and optimize the upgraded system!” comments Ganas.

“It is quite remarkable that a club has operated under the same name, ownership and philosophy for a 18 solid years” comments Alexios Ganas, the club’s technical consultant, and installations technician at DNA. Aris Issaris of DNA, and David Dohrmann (Adamson Applications Specialist based in Hamburg, Germany) travelled to execute and fine tune the Adamson system, which features eight SX18 (4 clusters of 2 enclosures) as the main system.

The SX 18 covers the main area of the club (with a dispersion of 60° x 40° for each enclosure). Adamson T21 Subs provide all the necessary low-end for the area. Meanwhile, four Point 8’s are used as under balcony fills, as this year’s renovation built two new metal balconies. The ‘hole’ beneath them is now covered with Point 8’s. For monitoring in the DJ booth, an Adamson MH-121.5 is used right and left on stands.

In the ‘Ellinadiko’ space, a smaller venue adjacent to the Mylos used for traditional Greek music, another system was installed. The first Adamson M12s sold to a club installation are being used as ceiling speakers. Their low profile with symmetrical dispersion (65°x65°) proved ideal for the tighter space, while still providing solid SPL. In addition, the placement contributed to the elimination of some problematic reflections in the room.

The design was initiated because there were existing ‘nests’ of specific dimensions on the ceiling, previously used for a distributed system. Ganas decided it best to re-use the positions and mount suitable loudspeakers, to avoid having to dismantle the insulated roof including all the sound absorbing materials. As it turned out, this “compromise” was an effective implementation of the M12s in an unforeseen manner: they are literally buckled up in the nests.

Two Renkus Heinz subs are used in conjunction with the M12s “As for the amplifiers, that drive the systems we used Lab.gruppen across the board. Specifically, four PLM 10000Q’s which are four-channel (4 x 2300W with an integrated DSP/controller). Three of them drive all the speakers of the main club, and one powers the six M12 in the “Ellinadiko” space. The outside of the club now has eight Electro Voice Evid covering the area around the circular bar located just outside the club.

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