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Adamson Showcases M215 Monitor

Toronto, Ontario (December 19, 2008)--Adamson Systems Engineering has introduced its M215 stage monitor.

Toronto, Ontario (December 19, 2008)–Adamson Systems Engineering has introduced its M215 stage monitor. The trapezoid cabinet features symmetrical driver placement with a 50×50-degree conical waveguide, which is said to aid with directivity control.

Although it is meant for use as a stage monitor, the M215 can also be used as a drum- or stage-fill enclosure, and is specifically aimed for performers wanting extra-high SPL without losing intelligibility.

According to Adamson, the M215 exhibits low distortion due to its multilayer Kevlar cone driver. The two, long-excursion, lightweight Neodymium ND-15 drivers supply power handling with a low-frequency response.

Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture reportedly makes the ND15 the only 15-inch driver with zero axial modes in its entire pass-band, increasing the linearized mid-band response. The cone design also enforces durability in wet conditions, which targets the M215 a solution for outdoor events. In addition, the M215 features an internal crossover.

Adamson Systems Engineering