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Adamson’s Going to the Chapel

Campbellsville, KY (March 13, 2009)--Ransdell Chapel at Campbellsville University in Kentucky is an 800-seat chapel complex that recently had an Adamson Metrix PA installed.

Adamson Metrix boxes at
Ransdell Chapel at
Campbellsville University.
Campbellsville, KY (March 13, 2009)–Ransdell Chapel at Campbellsville University in Kentucky is an 800-seat chapel complex that recently had an Adamson Metrix PA installed.

Serving the 2,500-student school, the chapel features everything from single podium microphone gatherings to full-scale concerts featuring touring artists, along with the school’s full band, choir and orchestra performances.

The chapel’s audio staff noticed that the venue’s old conventional speakers and subs were misplaced all over the stage. “The subs were mounted in our organ loft behind the stage, and the five rows of speakers all had to be delayed equally to match. This was nearly impossible. Honestly, the entire system was a poor design from the beginning,” commented Doug Price, audio and visual services coordinator at the university.

The task of rejuvenating the sound in the chapel began with four different sound engineers in the room. “After meeting with all four of them, I was able to immediately cut two from the list.” Marc Warling of On-Line Marketing came to Ransdell to demo some Adamson gear, as Price related: “Once we heard the Adamson system in the room, there was no need to continue with any further demos. Everyone in the room was blown away by what we heard, and we started to design the system right then. I had never even heard of Adamson Systems Engineering, but once I heard their speakers, it was all over. The demoed system had the clearest speakers I had ever heard.”

Installation began with eight 5 V x 120 H degree Metrix, two 15 V x 120 H degree Metrix W and two Metrix Sub enclosures flown left and right, with the left-right placement perfectly matching the aesthetics of the room. “[There are] many reflective surfaces, the motivating reason for going with a speaker with such tight tolerances. Adamson really put the sound where we needed it and kept the surfaces free from deflections.”

Custom-painted white, they also matched the color of the chapel to compliment the artistic design. Along with the new Adamson speakers, the chapel re-engineered its entire sound system, including all-new wiring and connectors, along with a new Allen & Heath mixing console, all which have proven to be a tremendous improvement, according to the staff.

After the installation was completed, the Ransdell chapel hosted the third annual Worship Arts Conference, with three concerts in three days, two full days of conference speakers, and many worship sets a day. “The Adamson speakers amazed everyone. Several people were impressed by the size of the speaker being able to drive such decibel levels with superb clarity,” said Price. “Everyone has noticed the difference. We went from hardly being able to hear the spoken word in the room to hearing every detail in voice and music. I cannot begin to tell you how many compliments I have taken since we completed this installation.”

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