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AEROfile Awarded at IBC2010

Lancaster, PA (October 7, 2010)--Linear Acoustic's new AERO.file picked up two awards at the recent IBC2010 show.

Lancaster, PA (October 7, 2010)–Linear Acoustic’s new AERO.file picked up two awards at the recent IBC2010 show.

A panel of broadcast engineers judged the AERO.file worthy of Broadcast Engineering’s Pick Hit Award. TV Technology Europe magazine editors also honored AERO.file, with a STAR Award.

“File-based customers began to realize that loudness scaling alone was not enough. When we combined AERO.qc processing with RadiantGrid transwapping and TrueGrid transcoding technologies, we knew we had a winner,” said Linear Acoustic president Tim Carroll. “Apparently the judges, choosing AERO.file for their awards, felt the same way.”

Linear Acoustic was further recognized at IBC2010 as a finalist for an IBC2010 Innovation Award for its contribution to NBC’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. NBC used 24 AERO.qc units to allow sound engineers stationed at multiple events with varying audio characteristics to mix Dolby 5.1-channel sound while fitting into the overall loudness scheme.

“I’m proud of what our team accomplished in Vancouver this year, and I’m excited about what’s coming next. AERO.file is the first of several new solutions we have planned for our file-based customers,” revealed Carroll.

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