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Lancaster, PA (April 8, 2011)--This year's televised "68th Annual Golden Globe Awards" ceremony utilized two Linear Acoustic AERO.qc audio quality controllers.

Lancaster, PA (April 8, 2011)–This year’s televised “68th Annual Golden Globe Awards” ceremony utilized two Linear Acoustic AERO.qc audio quality controllers.

The two AERO.qc units were employed in NEP Broadcasting’s Denali Summit DTV truck at the ceremony, which was broadcast live on NBC from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. The units were used to provide a 5.1 channel version of the production’s mix, which was delivered to NBC’s HD viewers while providing a 2.0 downmix for the stereo HD and the stereo SD audiences.

David Crivelli, the technical supervisor/engineer-in-charge of the telecast for the past eight years, has used Linear Acoustic upmixing technology on previous shows. Last year, Crivelli and production mixer Mark King opted to use the newer Linear Acoustic AERO.qc on the show broadcast.

“By using the AERO.qc units, installed by Denali engineer Hugh Healy, mixer Mark King could make a 5.1 mix for the viewing audience that would downmix properly for the HD stereo viewer,” explained Crivelli. “Mark was able to focus on the most important component for us, which was the creative balance of the event in his stereo 2-mix.

“The rehearsals for the pre-show red carpet segment and the main show were routed through the Linear Acoustic units initially,” said Crivelli. “That allowed the mixers to set their stereo mixes in a way that the 5.1 that was being upmixed was pleasing, and the downmix was what they expected. By the time they got to air, the mixers could comfortably monitor one component–stereo, 5.1, or downmixed stereo–and listen to what they were doing, knowing that the other two components were as they expected them to be.”

“The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards” was seen in more than 160 countries worldwide and is one of the few awards ceremonies that span both television and motion picture achievements. The special was produced by Dick Dlark Productions in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

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