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AES Recap: Pro Sound News' Convention Twitter Feed

by Clive Young. New York--Pro Sound News posted live 'tweets' to Twitter all throughout the AES Convention, bringing you the latest news, chat and observations in 140 characters or less, direct from the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. In fact, we even tweeted the day before the convention (you can find those tweets here); from then through the end of AES four days later, we knocked out around 100 tweets, many with photos from the show floor, all of which you can find below.
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by Clive Young.

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New York--Pro Sound News posted live 'tweets' to Twitter all throughout the AES Convention, bringing you the latest news, chat and observations in 140 characters or less, direct from the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York. In fact, we even tweeted the day before the convention (you can find those tweets here); from then through the end of AES four days later, we knocked out around 100 tweets, many with photos from the show floor, all of which you can find below.

Some notes:
• Tweets labeled "Live From AES" lead to articles from the AES Daily, produced by Pro Sound News at the convention.
• URLs that lead to yfrog.com are photos, tweeted straight from the show floor.

The show's over now, but you can still follow us on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/prosoundnews (and our sister magazine, Pro Audio Review, at http://www.twitter.com/proaudioreview). In the meantime, here's a recap of most of our tweets throughout AES.


• Crowds are starting to build up outside the show floor; only 35 min til AES starts officially

• Lines for registration at #AES are out of control--the place is packed! http://yfrog.com/3oiooaj

• Live From AES: Convention Starts Today http://bit.ly/1538Er

• Live From AES: Anderson Stays Connected http://bit.ly/38nijl

• Live From AES: Inside the Convention http://bit.ly/MyoCX

• Live From AES: PSN's Pre-Show Tweets http://bit.ly/4ywm7h

• Live From AES: Quick Notes From The Floor http://bit.ly/FuWZH

• RT @AESorg: #AES 127 Fri 9AM Don't miss the 1st event: Home studio Dos and Don'ts for a successful mastering session: http://bit.ly/25sV2p

• Mackie's press conf. underway http://yfrog.com/2o3vkuj

• Mackie's Onyx-i M-powered driver available today from their website for under $50. #aes

• The Novation LaunchPad controller for Ableton Live: These guys are having a ball demoing. #AES http://yfrog.com/0ssooj

• LaunchPad will go for about $199, shipping November 1

• Hijinx at Novation press conf, showing off Nocturn plug-in controller #AES http://yfrog.com/5522163452j

• The new PSN is out at AES and looks great, especially the U2 feature. http://yfrog.com/16nlcfj

• The AES issue of Pro Sound News just came out at the show, but you can read it online free at http://bit.ly/u942F

• That massive truck at the back of the AES floor is Yamaha's new Rolling Showroom, full of live gear--make a point to peek inside.

• The busy view inside Yamaha's amazing Rolling Showroom, 3 years in the making. #AES http://yfrog.com/7aikwj

• Is this cool or what? Found at #AES, by Coleman Audio, booth #162 http://yfrog.com/0fdk7pj

• Recording The Beatles talk at #AES is great; Trivia: "In My Life" piano rec at 7.5 ips, played back at 15. http://yfrog.com/1rixqj

• ESP is giving away a power cord at end of #AES (this is cooler than it sounds); register at booth 749

• Telefunken's fully restored VW Microbus is pretty sweet at AES booth 660 http://yfrog.com/1n3dldj

• Raising a sake box to toast Audio-Technica at #AES: Ed Cherney, George Massenburg, Frank Filipetti, Chuck Ainlay. http://img96.yfrog.com/i/lirq.jpg

• Danny Leake, Stevie Wonder's longtime FOH engineer, is here at #AES for the next few days, checking out all that's new in .

• Heard at #AES: Firehouse Productions will do the RnRHoF shows at MSG; will field JBL VerTec, Yamaha digital desks

• The #AES coverage don't stop! Blue Mics' throwing swankiest party of the show--Bell X1 performs http://yfrog.com/2o8d7j

• Zee Avi also live at Blue Mics event, held at Esquire Mag's Ultimate Batchelor Pad--a $15 mil. penthouse, with tons of Blues in its rec studio


• Walking to #AES, I found this curious literary landmark for mystery fans on 35th between 9 & 10 http://yfrog.com/12dgmtj

• Community (Booth 233) is debuting S4 (Subwoofer Steering Simulation Software) app to design directional subwoofer systems. #AES

• Sam Berkow talks up the new rec studio he designed for Airshow Mastering in Takoma Park #AES http://yfrog.com/02qfe

• Get a virtual haircut at G.R.A.S.-Booth 656, demoing results of their KEMAR Manikin measurement sys; thought I'd lose an ear! #AES

• RT @AESorg: #AES 127 Sat 11AM 1E09 Does this sub make my PA sound fat? Sam Berkow optimizes your low end http://aes.org

• A hit overseas, Stagetec USA (Booth 519) is showing the Crescendo digital live sound/b'cast desk for the first time in the US #AES

• Waves press conf: Vocal Rider fine tunes vocal level in real time for rec, bcast, live #AES http://yfrog.com/3o9v2nj

• Waves press conference: MultiRack plug-in platform for live sound--offers presets, snapshots, scenes $600

• Waves press conference: Chris Lord-Alge is demoing his sig collection using Green Day's 21 Guns. Cool http://yfrog.com/5mfxgj

• Waves press conference: Now it's Eddie Kramer's turn with his plug-in collection. #AES http://yfrog.com/0pv0nj

• Waves press conference: Tony Maserati discussing his bundle, demoing with Jason Mraz tracks http://yfrog.com/5rmikgj

• AKG (Booth 226) C 414 fans should see the mic's new brethren--C 414 XLS + XLII--which mix classic sounds with modern features #AES

• Want to be easily impressed? Get free ear impressions, courtesy of Future Sonics, at the H.E.A.R. stand (Booth 731). #AES

• Jerry Krulewicz of Wireworks with Mcat 524, a 24-pair, cat5-rated, heavy duty cable for road/studio #AES http://yfrog.com/2pyk6j

• FOH legend Dinky Dawson is running auctions for charity that helps engs,musos w/o insurance #AES Booth 396 http://yfrog.com/158koj

• Crown (booth 226) has the new PIP-USB4, the fourth generation DSP-based PIP module for CTs series two-channel amps. #AES

• Check out today's TWO seminars on white spaces and wireless pro audio, starting at 2PM in room 1E09. #AES

• Waves (Booth 249) is showing off WavesLive MultiRack, which lets engineers use Waves studio plug-ins on an analog desk. #AES

• I'm heading to "The Greening of the Band: Green Solutions for Touring" seminar, starting at 5PM in room 1E09. #AES

• Power has gone out in some of the Javits Center--escalators, elevators down and most bathrooms are pitch black!

• The AES show seems unaffected though, other than the bathroom situation--whew!

• Partial power outage at #AES continues; they lost a transformer at Javits and are pulling it out right now. New one expected online by 6-7PM

• U2 FOH legend Joe O'Herlihy spent the afternoon walking the #AES show floor.


• So we roll into day 3 of AES...go pro audio!

• Where there's smoke, there's SED's Laser-accurate mic transducer which replaces the mic diaphragm with smoke read by a laser. Really. #AES

• @eastd We did a blog post about the smoke mic idea and SED on prosoundnews.com a few weeks ago; peek around there and you'll find it. [in reply to @eastd on Twitter; here's the blog post: http://www.prosoundnews.com/blog/24152 target="_blank"]

• I hear the API 40th Anniversay bash at Roseland was a huuuuuge success; quite the shindig #AES

• PSN SR coverage never stops; I was at Lord of the Rings score live at Radio City; DiGiCo SD7, JBL VT. Phil Ramone, Stephen Colbert in crowd.

• Check out "10 Things to Get Right with Sound Reinforcement Systems" seminar at 11AM in room 1E09 #AES

• Clear-Com (booth 676) is showing its Tempest and Concert systems at AES; daily contest too--see photo http://yfrog.com/0eor4pj

• This is the first AES show Clear-Com has exhibited at in over 12 years: "We did it on the spur of the moment and we're very pleased with it"

• AES show floor is starting to fill up; slow AM after Sat Night in NYC ;) The trade mag bins are nearly picked clean--all the PSNs are gone!

• CAD's new variable pattern control technology at AES booth 654 is cool; won award from @proaudioreviewhttp://yfrog.com/9gv9xj

• Bag End (Booth 455) is showing its 12" subwoofer, the D12-E-I and its powered version, PD12-E-I, which come in various colors, styles.

• Thriller recording eng Bruce Swedien is signing his In The Studio with Michael Jackson book, AES booth 837 http://yfrog.com/4w1vtj

• The Guitar Center Professional booth at AES is playing cool, unreleased Bobby McFerrin tracks to demo Ocean Way monitors

• Chris Halaby of Muse Research, showing off the Receptor 2 at AES booth 863 http://yfrog.com/3owexoj

• Dave Natale, FOH engineer for the Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Lenny Kravitz, Fleetwood Mac + a ton others, is checking out the AES show.


• Last day of AES--the show's lighter today but still abuzz after the strong weekend attendance; workshops, panels are doing ok too

• Live From AES: Last-Minute AES SR Suggestions http://bit.ly/3Oslm4

• Live From AES: McGlaughlin Keynote: 'Seek The Mystery' http://bit.ly/vMwrY

• Live From AES: Fine Brings 'Living Presence' To AES http://bit.ly/28J91X

• Live From AES: Pro Audio Converges On Convention http://bit.ly/P0Nih

• Live From AES: Symposium Addresses Broadcast 5.1 Challenges http://bit.ly/DBRai

• What happened at AES? Make sure you find out! Renew your Free Pro Sound News subscription at http://bit.ly/66t6w

• Front-of-house engineer Brian Speiser (Indigo Girls, They Might Be Giants, 311) is perusing the AES floor today.

• Looking forward to the seminar on "Innovations in Live Sound," taking place at 2:30PM in Room 1E09. Good way to close out AES