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Afanasieff Adds Bricasti

Los Angeles, CA (May 26, 2009)--Walter Afanasieff has worked with a wide range of artists and picked up two Grammy Awards, recently added a new Bricasti Model 7 Reverb to his gear.

Los Angeles, CA (May 26, 2009)–Walter Afanasieff has worked with a wide range of artists and picked up two Grammy Awards, recently added a new Bricasti Model 7 Reverb to his gear.

“Nothing makes a vocal or instrumental track come alive more than a realistic-sounding reverb,” he considers. “but for the past several years–like most of us making contemporary records–I’ve been using plug-ins to create reverbs and ambiences. To be honest, I have yet to discover a plug-in that sounds as good as my old hardware reverbs. So, when my long-time session engineer Dave Reitzas told me about the outstanding results he was achieving with his new Bricasti Model 7 Reverb, I decided to give it a try. The results are truly that: Outstanding–totally realistic and everything I was looking for. The M7 is a revelation!”

Afanasieff has written and produced music for Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross, Céline Dion, Savage Garden, Destiny’s Child, Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Barbra Streisand, Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Michael Jackson, Josh Groban, Leona Lewis and others.

“Currently, I’m working at my studio facility here in L.A.–WallyWorld Studios–on projects with Leona Lewis, Nahuel Schajris–an amazing singer who used to be in [the Latin Grammy-winning band] Sin Bandera–Josh Groban, Kenny G and a wonderful artist named Julia from Russia, who sings like Mariah! The M7 really brought these vocals to life–the Large Hall, in particular, adds depth and body that I have never been able to achieve with plug-ins. The complexity of the M7’s reverb patterns and the depth of the tails sound totally realistic.”

The projects were tracked at both WallyWorld and Westlake Studios in Hollywood, with engineers Reitzas, Kevin Guarnieri, Tyler Gordan and David Channing. “All have expressed great enthusiasm for the Bricasti,” the producer adds. “There is nothing to match what I can now achieve with my Model 7. In fact, I have a second unit on order, plus a Model 10 Remote Console; I might even add a third unit.

“During the next several months, I will be putting my new Bricasti M7 through its paces for all of these and other projects, which include writing the Broadway musical Doll Face, based on the motion picture Tootsie, plus an album for a new opera tenor, Vittorio Grigolo, performing favorite arias–I am looking forward very much to hearing his voice through the Model 7, and its wonderful ambiance settings. Vittorio was the late Luciano Pavarotti’s favorite student.”

Afanasieff was born in São Paulo, to Russian parents that had moved to Brazil in the late 1940s. He began studying music and playing piano at age four. One of his biggest hits as a producer was Céline Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” the theme song from the motion picture Titanic, which won Afanasieff a 1999 Grammy Award for Record of the Year. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist–drums, guitar, bass and piano–Afanasieff often performs on his recordings. He has worked on a large number of landmark sessions, ranging from Mariah Carey’s decade of hit albums to Andrea Bocelli and, more recently, Lang Lang. Beneath the senior portrait in his high-school yearbook, Afanasieff wrote that his goal was to “write and play better than Keith Emerson,” the famed keyboard player with Emerson, Lake & Palmer. In 2000, Afanasieff won his first Producer of the Year Grammy Award.

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