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AKG Nabs Technical Grammy

Los Angeles (February 19, 2010)--AKG was recently awarded a prestigious technical Grammy award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS). 

Los Angeles (February 19, 2010)–AKG was recently awarded a prestigious technical Grammy award from the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS).

The award, which was presented at Grammy Week in Los Angeles, found AKG in good company, with this year’s only other Grammy Technical Award to be presented posthumously to Thomas Edison, inventor of the phonograph, early motion picture technologies, and the incandescent light bulb. Harman’s JBL brand also earned a Grammy Technical Award in 2005, the first and only loudspeaker manufacturer to be so honored. Founded in 1947, AKG has been providing microphones and headphones for a variety of live and recording applications.

“This year’s honorees are a prestigious group of diverse and prominent creators who have contributed some of the most distinguished and influential recordings,” said Recording Academy President/CEO Neil Portnow. “Their outstanding accomplishments and passion for their craft have created a timeless legacy that has positively affected multiple generations, and will continue to influence generations to come. It is an honor and privilege to recognize such talented individuals who have had, and will continue to have, such an influence in both our culture and the music industry.”

Commenting on the award, Blake Augsburger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Harman Professional, noted, “As the first technology on the recording signal chain, the quality and performance of the microphone has a critical impact on the sound and feel of a record. At AKG, we recognize that this fact places great responsibility on our shoulders to design and build microphones with the same commitment to innovation and attention to detail that artists put into their songwriting and performance. To be recognized by the global community of artists, writers, producers and engineers with this Grammy Award is extremely gratifying and while we are humbled and honored to receive this accolade, we are equally determined not to rest on our laurels and to innovate and excel further in the design and manufacture of great microphones and headphones.”

In the meantime, AKG has been moving ahead this year, releasing microphones and headphones, including the C 414 XLS and XL II microphones; the Perception 120 USB, which allows users the ability to record from their desktop; and the DMS 700, a digital wireless audio system.