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Allen Heath Ships ZED-24 USB Mixer

Cornwall, U.K. (April 25, 2008)-Allen & Heath's ZED-24 stereo mixer, is now shipping.

Allen & Heath’s ZED-24 USB mixer.Cornwall, U.K. (April 25, 2008)-Allen & Heath’s ZED-24 stereo mixer, is now shipping.

The desk provides 23 independent sources to the mix, 10 independent outputs, four aux sends (two pre and two post fade), a USB send and return (for PC or Mac recording, playback and effects), a dual stereo input capability and advanced monitoring facilities. Under the hood, the ZED-24 continues Allen & Heath’s method of all vertically mounted PCB boards and rotary controls that are “nutted” down to the chassis from the top.

Sixteen mono channel strips are complemented by four stereo channels, each with a main stereo input on jack sockets, and with the ability to take additional stereo inputs from phono sockets or from the USB audio input, enabling the engineer to control and route any source. ZED-24 features a 3-band swept-mid EQ, with a slope for equalizing individual instruments. The ZED-24 also features the new DuoPre preamps, which use a two-stage design with controlled amounts of gain in each stage.

ZED’s USB output can be configured to allow different signals to be sent to USB, from the LR master, the matrix or the aux busses, with the USB return signal available as a stereo return. Cakewalk’s SONAR LE music production software is bundled with the mixer, to enable the user to perform many tasks, for live performance, live recording, studio recording or studio mixing.

Other mixers in the ZED series include the ZED-14 and the ZED 4-bus series–ZED-420, ZED-428 and ZED-436 mixers.

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