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APB-DynaSonics To Debut ProDesk-8 at InfoComm

New York (June 7, 2010)--APB-DynaSonics will introduce its new ProDesk-8 console at the InfoComm Show in Las Vegas.

New York (June 7, 2010)–APB-DynaSonics will introduce its new ProDesk-8 console at the InfoComm Show in Las Vegas.

APB-DynaSonics will be at Booth #C7600 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Delivery of the ProDesk-8 consoles will start in late summer.

An expansion of the ProDesk line which previously featured four sub-group versions, ProDesk-8 includes eight subgroups and matrixes and an 8-channel mute group system with individual channel “Mute Safe” switches.

The console’s 8 bus auxiliary send system can generate mono and switchable stereo mixes with signal sources switch selected on a per pair basis, pre or post fader and overall in the pre fader position from a switchable pre or post EQ source.

A special ninth aux bus is included for direct or variable assignment of channel level to a Mono system intended to feed a Sub-woofer system. In addition, separate Left-Right and discrete Center bus systems are also provided.

The mono input channels EQ section comes directly from APB’s Spectra-C console and includes separate frequency switches for LF and HF frequency bands; and two variable mid frequency bands plus a variable high pass filter system. The ProDesk-8 will be available in 24, 32, 40, and 48 mono input formats, will all versions including an addi-tional 4 stereo line input modules plus two master stereo program input sections.

An overall opto-isolated remote mute system is provided and all console fitted with one power supply with an optional second supply available for all models.