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New York (March 22, 2011)--A series of How-To Church Sound workshops will be sponsored by Aphex.

New York (March 22, 2011)–A series of How-To Church Sound workshops will be sponsored by Aphex.

The workshop series, presented by Fits and Starts Productions, LLC., has toured cities and churches across America nationally for seven years, and kicks off another season in 2011, offering six new tour segments of six cities each, plus several private training sessions. The workshops feature full eight-hour hands-on Live Sound for Worship workshops with equipment fully integrated, as well as a Recording and Podcasting Seminar.

Designed for the church audio volunteer, live sound personnel, media and praise band members, each workshop is produced by industry veteran Hector La Torre and presented by sound reinforcement engineer Mike Sokol. The workshops offer attendees an opportunity to learn about church sound systems in a professional manner.

The How-To Church Sound Workshops offer several training categories in each workshop, including: Microphones, Mixing Consoles, Speakers & Amplifiers, Signal Processors/Effects, Recording, Podcasting and more.

“Aphex has a long history of involvement with the worship market, and our products are a big part of delivering the message clearly to congregants all across the world,” says Aphex CEO David Wiener. “We’re really pleased to be involved in the How-To workshops, and look forward to doing our part to improve church sound.”