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New York (April 21, 2011)--Arsenal Sound of Bridgeton, NJ recently nabbed three Allen & Heath iLive T digital consoles.

Production manager/front of house engineer Al Miller with Allen & Heath iLive-T112 and iLive-T80 digital mixing consoles.
New York (April 21, 2011)–Arsenal Sound of Bridgeton, NJ recently nabbed three Allen & Heath iLive T digital consoles.

Recently Arsenal has been streamlining its operation. “With the economy the way it was in 2010, we were looking to be lean, mean and get it done,” said manager Al Miller. “I’m an old school analog guy myself, but for festivals in particular, digital has some big advantages. After doing a demo of the iLive-T, we bought three of them, and they’ve worked out really well for both front of house and monitors.”

Specifically, Arsenal opted for two iLive-T112, one iLive-T80 consoles, and two iDR48 MixRacks, plus ACE cards to link the systems, and an ADAT output card to enable multitrack location recording.

In the first few months of ownership, Arsenal’s iLive consoles have already been used for such artists as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Manhattan Transfer, Terri Clark and Joan Osborne. “It’s interesting to watch these touring engineers if they’ve never used an iLive before. They just bring up their channels, add their compression, add in their gating, whatever they need, and go. None of them ever gets stuck. And sonically, it gets them where they want to go,” Miller reports. “In fact, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy did a live shoot for video and took the audio mix straight out of the console. It just sounded awesome.”

In terms of rider-friendliness, Arsenal Sound hasn’t met any objections. “In fact, most engineers are anxious to try it,” he report. “It’s an interesting thing. Most sound engineers will only tell you what they don’t like about a piece of equipment; it’s just our nature. But I’ve yet to have anyone get to the end of a show unhappy.”

Arsenal Sound also found a way to take advantage of the iLive’s compact size and light weight. “We have custom flight cases for the consoles, so I can pack this thing up by myself and be rolling out of the venue, literally in five minutes. Promoters love it when you can get in and out in a hurry. That means less labor cost and a better bottom line. It’s the kind of thing that gets you invited back.”

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