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Auralex Attends Flashpoint Academy

Chicago, IL (August 7, 2008)--Auralex Acoustics has outfitted Flashpoint Academy's new Recording Arts Suites with its acoustical treatment products.

Chicago, IL (August 7, 2008)–Auralex Acoustics has outfitted Flashpoint Academy’s new Recording Arts Suites with its acoustical treatment products.

Flashpoint is a digital media arts college, offering two-year programs in five digital disciplines: Film, Recording Arts, VFX/Animation, Game Development and Broadcast Media. Its Recording Arts program is taught hands-on in professionally designed recording studios, digital audio laboratories and classrooms.

The Recording Arts program has three main components: Studio-based music recording of many different genres, from Industrial to Vocal Jazz, Worldbeat to Chamber Music, and Modern Electric Blues to Pop; field recording including production audio on location film sets, non-sync sound effects, ambiences, and sound elements to be utilized in post production; and sound design for film, games, and animation with final output in both 5.1 surround and stereo.

The installation at Flashpoint involved several spaces within the Recording Arts and Film Department, including the Academy’s Music Control Studio, Post Control Studio, Recording Studios, Foley Studio, editing suites, Screening Room, and numerous voiceover and ISO booths. Auralex analyzed and specified a total of 77 custom-sized SonoSuede Panels and 16 pArtScience SpaceArray Diffusors. Products were secured through Music Garage Chicago, a regional dealer of Auralex’s acoustical treatments.

“Working with Auralex was such a pleasure,” says Barbara S. Pollack, Vice President of Marketing and Development at Flashpoint Academy and the project manager and designer of the Flashpoint project. “Their team understood our desire to provide the finest in acoustical precision and worked with us to create the ideal sound solutions and aesthetic excellence we demanded throughout campus. They were terrifically mindful of our tight timeframes and budget. We will continue to rely on Auralex as we expand Flashpoint’s campus footprint.”

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