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Auralex Sounds Out St Marks Church

Burlington, NC (May 28, 2008)--Clark Powell, a North Carolina-based systems integration provider, recently designed and installed a new audio system in St. Mark's Church in Burlington, NC.

Burlington, NC (May 28, 2008)–Clark Powell, a North Carolina-based systems integration provider, recently designed and installed a new audio system in St. Mark’s Church in Burlington, NC.

“We needed to design an A/V and lighting system for St. Mark’s that incorporated the varied worship styles of the congregation, while blending into the sanctuary’s architecture,” said Gary Bennett, system design & sales at ClarkPowell. “Auralex’s acoustical treatments rounded out the entire project, giving the space that added sound clarity it needed.”

Acoustically, echoes were reflected from the rear wall surfaces of the sanctuary and from the walls on either side of the altar, making for difficulty sometime when it came to listening while seated on the platform or in the first few rows of the congregation.

James Brawley, acoustical consultant on the project, suggested a combination of Auralex’s absorption and diffusion panels to be installed to the rear vertical surfaces that most directly cause the echoes to return to the front of the sanctuary space. The wall behind the sanctuary space also needed absorption treatments to reduce additional echoes.

“Our original acoustical tests showed the presence of strong slap echo returns from the large rear and side wall surfaces to the front seating areas and platform,” said James Brawley, sound system and acoustic design consultant, James S. Brawley & Associates, Inc. “By focusing the bulk of the treatments on the rear wall, we were able to eliminate the secondary front wall echoes, as well.”

In total, 60 Auralex ProFuser diffusor panels were placed at the rear of the sanctuary and 46 at the sides, while a variety of Elite ProPanels were used, with 100 at the rear and 92 on the sides. Several SonoFlat panels were also used to treat the area in back of the platform and were installed behind the existing drape.

“Since the installation, there has been a drastic improvement to the intelligibility and overall sound of the sanctuary, while not compromising the aesthetics of the space,” said Tim Riddle, executive pastor. “We are so pleased with the outcome that we are looking into treating our gymnasium and youth sanctuary with Auralex products.”

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