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Avatar Studios Gets Eclectic

New York, NY (July 20, 2007)--Director Jonathan Demme has been recording source music in Avatar's Studio C for a Jimmy Carter Documentary for Real Peace Productions, with engineer Gary Chester recording and mixing, assisted by Chad Lupo and David Tolomei.

In Avatar’s Studio C (l-r): Masabumi “Poo” Kikuchi, Avatar president Kirk Imamura, Terumasa Hino and engineer Jay Messina. New York, NY (July 20, 2007)–Director Jonathan Demme has been recording source music in Avatar’s Studio C for a Jimmy Carter Documentary for Real Peace Productions, with engineer Gary Chester recording and mixing, assisted by Chad Lupo and David Tolomei.

East Village Opera Company recorded in Studio A with producers Kevin Killen and Peter Kiesewalter, engineered by Killen and Avatar’s Anthony Ruotolo, with assistant Rick Kwan. Also in A, Brazillian jazz pianist and singer Eliane Elias recorded new music, co-producing with Steve Rodby. Al Schmitt engineered, assisted by Brian Montgomery.

Legendary violinist, Federico Britos, recorded a duet with pianist Michel Camilo in Studio C for his 50th Anniversary. The session was produced by Antonio Gijon, engineered by Phil Magnotti and assisted by Bryan Pugh. Joe Ferla mixed an album for the 3 Cohens in C, produced by Anat Cohen, and assisted by Brian Montgomery.

Artist/producer Jane Ira Bloom recorded new material with engineer Jim Anderson in Studio B, assisted by Justin Gerrish. Lisa Sokolov also recorded in B, with engineer Joe Barbaria , assisted by Gerrish.

Jenny Lin recorded piano and cello duo in Studio C with producer Susan DelGiorno and engineer Silas Brown, assisted by Brian Montgomery. Arranger/producer Rob Mounsey recorded strings for Shontelle in Studio C with engineer Maclolm Pollack assisted by Bryan Pugh.

Ruotolo mixed the Brooklyn-based rock band, The Picture, with producer Rob Abel in Studio G, assisted by David Tolomei. The album was also mastered at Avatar by Fred Kevorkian.

Kevorkian also mastered albums by Foetus and Teddy Goldstein, as well as a couple of remixes of Beyonce’s “Get Me Bodied,” one of them featuring Fabolous (produced by Timbaland).

In addition, Avatar hosted sessions with a chess master and with artists from all around the world during June. Chess master Josh Waitzkin’s early years as a chess prodigy were depicted in the film, Searching for Bobby Fisher. At the sessions held in Studio R, Waitzkin was recorded discussing many significant chess games throughout his career, spanning from when he was in the National Championship at 8 years old to games he experienced in his twenties. The sessions were recorded so that his commentary could be edited for an interactive computer chess course. About 11 hours of audio and video was recorded of Josh discussing the intricate details, move by move, of each game in sessions produced by Tom Salta and engineered by Roy Hendrickson.

Among some recent international sessions, producer John Porter mixed tracks for Australia’s Cat Empire in Studio E assisted by Colin Suzuki. And, Japanese jazz artists Terumasa Hino & Masabumi “Poo” Kikuchi recorded a duet album with producer Kozo Watanabe and engineer Jay Messina, assisted by Bryan Pugh.

International producer/artist Leehom Wang worked in Studio E, overdubbing with assistant engineer Eric Pfeifer, guitarist/producer/artist Glenn Perry mixed a record in G with Ruotolo, and engineer/producer Jim Janik mixed for Spanish Rock Band Ojos De Brujo in Studio E, assisted by Eric Pfeifer.

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