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Aviom in the Mix for Chopped

New York, NY (July 20, 2010)--Producers of Food Network's cooking contest, Chopped, use Aviom's Pro16 personal mixing system to handle complex audio routing and mixing tasks.

New York, NY (July 20, 2010)–Producers of Food Network’s cooking contest, Chopped, use Aviom’s Pro16 personal mixing system to handle complex audio routing and mixing tasks.

“Chopped is sort of an unusual capture circumstance, because of how it’s recorded,” says Kevin Hartmann, vice president of audio and video production services provider Remote Digital Media (RMD). “We’re working in anywhere from one to four locations at once with wireless lavs and a number of ambient microphones to capture cooking sounds in the arena. All of that audio plus stems are then routed to a pair of multitrack recorders, video hard disc recorders, conventional VTRs and an array of DVD burners for use for transcription immediately after the show. There are different audio elements–some of which change in real time based on the action in the studio–required for all of those record mediums and one person can’t do that at once.”

To manage this complex capture and routing scheme, RMD uses a system based on the Aviom Pro16 Series, which routes the audio from wireless lavaliers on all the participants to a Sony EX3 on a Steadicam for on-the-fly interviews, and from the two interview rooms where the contestants are recorded. All this audio goes to a Yamaha DM2000 digital mixing console equipped with an Aviom16/o-Y1 card for distribution to on-site producers, the director and crew. Using the eight Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers located throughout the set, staff can select which contestant’s mic they want to listen to for live logging of the entire show, review the overall mix of the show, and record the entire content to an array of DVDs for transcription.

An added bonus is that the audio distribution system runs on a Cat-5 backbone, substantially reducing production costs while allowing RMD to offer its clients high-quality, multitrack audio capture.

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