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Avlex Debuts Superlux S125 True Condenser Mic

Kansas City, MO (January 7, 2009)--Avlex Corporation has introduced its Superlux S125 true condenser microphone.

Kansas City, MO (January 7, 2009)–Avlex Corporation has introduced its Superlux S125 true condenser microphone.

Featuring a pressure-gradient, 0.5-inch shock-mounted condenser capsule, high SPL characteristics, a -10 dB pad, a low-cut switch, and conductive shielding to minimize RF (radio frequency) and handling noise, the new Superlux S125 uses a form factor designed for live performances.

The Superlux S125 is a 1/2-inch diaphragm, cardioid condenser mic with a triple pop filter. According to the company, since the microphone’s multistage pop filter does not use any foam components, it will maintain its high-performance characteristics for years. Similarly, the pressure gradient capsule is shock-mounted for low handling noise, and both the microphone’s case and grille are conductive to resist RF interference from cell phones and other sources. With a wide, flat frequency response that extends from 20 Hz-20 kHz, this microphone is targeted for live sound applications, including vocal and instrumental miking. The S125’s maximum level is 148 dB SPL, and the noise floor is 18 dB SPL A-weighted. Together, this translates to a 130 dB dynamic range.

Another feature of the Superlux S125 is its gold-plated connectors between the microphone’s capsule and electronics that are designed to provide stable performance. Additionally, the microphone’s zinc alloy, die-cast casing and steel-strengthened grille/windscreen is designed to reportedly withstand the rigors of live performance while helping to ensure low handling noise. It ships with a microphone clip and a storage pouch.

Jack Nead, national sales manager for Avlex Corporation, commented on the Superlux S125: “As a true cardioid condenser microphone, the S125 is designed to provide the detail, warmth and musicality associated with recording studio microphones, yet it is built to handle the rough-and-tumble environment typical of today’s performing musician. The S125 is equally well suited for both vocals and a wide range of instrumental miking tasks. With essential features such as the -10 dB pad and the 150 Hz low-cut filter that enable this microphone to deliver impressive results under a wide range of miking applications, I believe performers will find the S125 to be tremendously versatile.”

Avlex Corporation