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Avlex Superlux S125 Handheld Microphone

Right out of the box, it felt sturdy and well made, was well balanced, not too heavy, and didn't want to slide out of my hand.

The Avlex Superlux S125 ($133 list) is a cardioid condenser vocal microphone with a shock-mounted, halfinch diaphragm capsule. The capsule is protected with three windscreens — two are wire mesh and one is nylon. On its body, two switches click on/off a 150 Hz high-pass filter and a 10 dB pad; these switches are protected by a rubber cover. The mic comes with a clip and zippered pouch.

My first impression of the S125 was quite good. Right out of the box, it felt sturdy and well made, was well balanced, not too heavy, and didn’t want to slide out of my hand. In use, its sound was smooth and vivid in the way that it cuts through the mix. Full and lively is another way to describe its sound.

I discovered that Avlex’s claim that the S125’s three windscreens prevented popping wasn’t always true; I added on my own windscreen (one that is recommended for a Shure SM58), and that solved any problems. I tried the HPF, but still preferred the variable high pass available on the consoles I use; in a pinch — where you have no exterior high-pass option — it would be workable.

Avlex also claims that this mic offers very little handling noise. I found that to be correct. The microphone also offers a pleasing performance in regards to proximity effect, in that it exhibits very little of it.

Ideal for lead vocals (if the vocal doesn’t sound thin to begin with), this bargain-priced mic would also shine on guitar amplifiers; reeded instruments such as saxophone; and some of the higher-pitched percussion instruments, such as bongos or high toms.

Contact: Avlex Corporation | 877-447-9216 |

Karl Bader is a lead engineer for Entertainment Sound Production in Washington, DC and can be reached