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Pasadena, CA (April 21, 2011)--On The Mark Media has released "Joe Barresi: Tracking Rock," a video that takes viewers through the producer, mixer and engineer's recording process.

Pasadena, CA (April 21, 2011)–On The Mark Media has released Joe Barresi: Tracking Rock, a video that takes viewers through the producer, mixer and engineer’s recording process.

Working with UK alternative rock band Zico Chain, Barresi allows viewers to experience how he works as both a producer and engineer to create his signature sound. Filmed over three consecutive days at JHOC (Joe’s House of Compression), the documentary takes novice and seasoned engineers alike through his entire process of recording a song, from first track to final take. It also documents the signal chain of each instrument recorded and details the usage of Barresi’s expansive collection of amplifiers, cabinets and audio processing gear.

Shot entirely in high-definition video, Joe Barresi: Tracking Rock has a run-time of two hours and 44 minutes. The HD media is available for on-computer viewing as well as for the iPad, iPod and iPhone 4 formats. In addition, the complete Pro Tools session, OMF and raw audio tracks accompany the video documentary for personal critical listening and analysis.

Barresi is probably best known for his work with popular aggressive bands like Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, The Melvins, Bad Religion and Kyuss.

“We wanted to film the entire process–from beginning to end–to show how Joe does what he does,” says OTM co-executive producer Jeff Markham, “This video really gives aspiring engineers and producers access to the details of how Joe works and to hear how the song take shape. We also wanted to capture the experience of what it’s like to work with one of the world’s most respected engineers.”

A subsequent release of Barresi mixing Zico Chain’s song on his SSL 4000 console will be made available in Q3 of 2011. Discount pricing will be offered to purchasers of the tracking video.

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