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Bento Debuts for iPhone iPod Touch

New York (May 5, 2009)--FileMaker has released Bento for iPhone and iPod touch, the portable version of the Bento database for Macintosh.

New York (May 5, 2009)–FileMaker has released Bento for iPhone and iPod touch, the portable version of the Bento database for Macintosh.

The software sports 25 built-in templates for business or personal use; business templates include Issue Tracking, Time Billing, Customers, Expenses, Products for Sale, Inventory, Projects, Event Planning, Items Sold, and Equipment. Personal templates include Contacts, To Dos, Diet Log, Expenses, Classes, Recipes, Digital Media, Vehicle Maintenance, Projects, Home Inventory, Event Planning, Membership Lists, Notes, and Donations. The new iPhone App also includes a Blank template for creating an unlimited number of customized templates.

Bento for iPhone and iPod touch links together contacts and keeps track of anything from business-related sales to digital media and recipes. Users can keep client information with them, organize an event and make changes right on the iPhone or iPod touch that can also be synchronized wirelessly with Bento 2.0v4 for Mac desktop software.

Users stay organized by creating “collections” (like playlists in iTunes) of records in any library. If you have a library of tasks, you can create collections that store your work, personal and volunteer tasks.
Bento to Go

Additional features include:
• Tap to call a contact, view a Web site, send an email or display a map all while in a Bento library or collection.
• Manage anything from contacts and club members to projects, parties, medical bills and vehicle maintenance.
• View libraries and collections, create new records, edit details, sort data, modify forms – even use the iTunes-style search to find information quickly on the go.
• Select from 15 field types including text, numbers, choice, checkbox, media, time, date, durations, currency, rating, address, phone number, email, URL and IM Account.

Bento for iPhone and iPod touch can be used as a standalone application, and it works with existing information and iPhone applications such as Contacts, Safari, Phone Dialing, Mail and Google Maps for an integrated iPhone experience.