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Bernie Grundman Standardizes On DK Audio Meters

Hollywood, CA (May 4, 2006)--Bernie Grundman Mastering is about to add another MDS200 stereo audio meter to its stock, bringing its total investment in DK-Technologies' meters to eight.

Hollywood, CA (May 4, 2006)–Bernie Grundman Mastering is about to add another MDS200 stereo audio meter to its stock, bringing its total investment in DK-Technologies’ meters to eight.

The company, which has mastering facilities in both California and Tokyo, bought its first DK-Technologies meter in 1997. This was installed in its Tokyo facility and reportedly became a favorite among engineers because the proprietary JellyFish display technology made it so easy to see what was happening to both the stereo signal and phase correlation, especially when setting up tape machines.

In 1998, Bernie Grundman Mastering moved to new premises in Hollywood and the decision was taken to standardize on DK meters, with the result that three MSD200 meters were installed in the facility’s mastering rooms.

Technical engineer Thomas “Beno” May said, “They are incredibly reliable and have worked consistently day in and day out for nearly ten years. During that time we’ve only ever had one meter break down and that was repaired very quickly. Our mastering engineers like these meters because they have a comprehensive range of features and are easy to read. The visual display is so simple to understand that they are also popular with our clients who can clearly see what is happening to the audio signal during the mastering and cutting process.”

In recent years, Bernie Grundman Mastering has also invested in DK’s flagship six channel MSD600M surround sound meter.

“We now have two of these,” Beno said. “One in Tokyo and one in our 5.1 room in California, which we opened three years ago.”

Recent Bernie Grundman clients include Madonna, Prince, No Doubt, Outkast, The Killers, Eminem, Jack Johnson, Blink 182, Black Eyed Peas and Sergio Mendez.

“We also handle many projects for less well-known artists, but no matter who we are working with our philosophy remains the same: for the demanding service we provide, only the best is good enough,” said Beno. “That applies to our staff, our facilities and our equipment, including our DK meters.”

The facility will soon update mastering room number four, occupied by Pat Sullivan Fourstar. Fourstar is known for mastering film soundtracks, which can include many different musical genres and file and tape formats for one project. The new MSD200 is destined for her room and is expected be a handy tool in this versatile environment.

Beno added, “The great thing about DK meters is their reliability. They have certainly proved to be a good investment for us – and one we paid for a long time ago.”

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