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Nashville, TN (May 2, 2011)--Recording studio complex Blade Studios in Shreveport, LA has opened with Endless Analog's CLASP system installed.

Nashville, TN (May 2, 2011)–Recording studio complex Blade Studios in Shreveport, LA has opened with Endless Analog’s CLASP system installed.

Blade Studios was opened by drummer/producer Brady Blade (Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews) and executive producer/media developer Scott Crompton, along with chief engineer/producer/mixer Chris Bell (Erykah Badu, Destiny’s Child, The Eagles). The studio features a wide range of classic and modern recording gear, and CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor) has made it possible for the Blade team to operate an analog tape machine while still running it through a digital audio workstation.

Chris Bell was in the process of picking out equipment for the new facility when he came across CLASP online. He states, “I grew up using analog tape, and in recent years it’s just been disappearing, which is a shame. Last year, I think I only did one record on tape, but CLASP opens up that possibility again in a very real, modern way.”

The studio is running a Studer A827 with the CLASP and an SSL Duality console, and recent sessions involved Rolling Stones touring bassist Daryl Jones, along with Brady Blade on drums. Bell states, “It’s so nice to see reels of tape rolling again–everybody is so curious about the tape machine. They say, ‘Man this is cool. We haven’t done this in a while.’ It really makes an enormous difference in sound, and since it’s not slowing down the session, you don’t really think about the fact that it’s there and working. You just know that feeling when everything sounds rich and nuanced, coming right from the moment of performance.

“The tape adds that smooth, full compression on the front end, so I don’t have to add as much compression later on–it’s changed the way I mix to more how I used to mix once upon a time, pre-digital. You can just let the tape machine do so much.”

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