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Blazing Posts Canes Campaign

Raleigh, NC (November 5, 2009)--Blazing Music + Sound provided music composition and sound design for the new ad campaign to usher in the Carolina Hurricanes' 2009-10 season.

Raleigh, NC (November 5, 2009)–Blazing Music + Sound provided music composition and sound design for the new ad campaign to usher in the Carolina Hurricanes’ 2009-10 season.

Red Truck Films, represented by Trailblazer Studios, shot and produced the spots. This marks the second year the ‘Canes have teamed up with ad agency Craig Jackson & Partners and Trailblazer Studios to produce the franchise’s advertising and video scoreboard spots.

The boards for the new Hurricanes commercials described camera work shot at 500 frames per second to yield super detailed slow motion. Therefore, Eric Johnson, executive producer, Blazing Music + Sound (a division of Trailblazer Studios), sought to create a complementary, surreal soundscape, deploying composer Aaron Keane and lead sound engineer Willie Elias.

“I’ve had the opportunity to record Canes’ practices in the past,” said Keane, “so I knew that NHL players make a distinctive sound on the ice and we would need to make a special effort to bring that to the TV spots.”

Keane used a mobile recording system with a 96 kHz sampling frequency, allowing the sound to be slowed down in post production and retain maximum fidelity, similar to the detail gained from shooting 500 fps with the camera. He recorded the players during the filming and also in between takes, getting the mic as close as possible to the sound source in order to isolate it from the background hum of the hockey arena.

In post production, Keane created raw sounds, and Elias refined them and created the final mix.

“While Willie mixed the spots, I worked on the music,” said Keane. “Eric had the great idea of using a huge piano chord reversed, so at the beginning of the spot we would barely hear the reverberant sound of the backwards piano. As the spot continues, the sound builds to the dramatic climax of the attack with the piano abruptly ending.”

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